About GIR

We feel that the answers to the needs of our time and of the modern man in terms of aesthetics and function are to be found in designing authentic and durable products. Solid wood furniture, apart from its superior physical characteristics, also possesses a symbolic value. For us, it represents a tangible contact with both our ancestors and descendants. Our goal is to create modern and relevant design using the best quality wood, with underlying awareness of lasting values. We are committed to quality without compromise and strongly oriented towards the design identified in a clear, refined and modern form.


Gir is a company which grew from a family business in Kraljevo in 1993. The ambition we have had from the very start was to seek innovative techniques in woodworking and pursue a progressive and sincere approach to design. In order to achieve this goal we have continuously insisted on networking with designers at home and abroad. In 2001 we started international cooperation with Ethnicraft, a Belgian company, with whom we still cooperate. Today, in 2016, we are expanding our operation and opening our first retail centre in Belgrade.


The factory and company headquarters are situated in Kraljevo. Over 400 people work on furniture production, development and sales. A team comprising more than 50 engineers is engaged in enhancing and controlling all the processes and the underlying standards guarantee a high level of professionalism. We use trees from maintained forests, and the FSC certificate is yet another guarantee of sustainability of our work. We believe that the pieces we create are part of the planet’s lifecycle.


Wood is a “living” material which offers a wide range of possibilities for interpretation both in terms of design and its contextualisation. Our furniture applied inside a living space entails a relation towards the furniture. To refine means to build an identity which borrows from the past and looks into the future. Modern taste and the spirit of Balkan heritage lie at the root of our idea. With strong emphasis on technology and design, and an underlying story of wood as a subtext, Gir creates functional and modern furniture based on humane values.

GIR Store

Gir Store brings together producers and designers with a view to exchanging and implementing ideas in a space which enables a contextualisation and understanding of the design. Beside GIR, Ethnicraft and Universo Positivo furniture, it will also offer Muuto, Ferm Living, Normann Copenhagen, Innovation Living, Omelette-ed, Lampe Gras, Vertigo Bird and other renowned brands. The interior of the store was designed by AUTORI, an acclaimed studio. GIR’s Belgrade branch is situated in New Belgrade, 5 Trešnjinog cveta Street.