Exhibition New Perspectives

GIR Store is pleased to invite you to visit the exhibition “New Perspectives | Artist Studio “, from 20th of September, until 20th of October, which includes three artists: Emilija Radojičić, Mario Kolarić and Svetlana Ždrnja.

Artists often return to the starting place – the studio as a place of inspiration for their own work. Historically, numerous authors present their studio – physical space as an artistic subject in a medium. From Baroque painters to French realists, showing artists in the studio has the purpose of glorifying the status of the painter. Modern art streams transform the idea of the studio and show a studio completely deprived of people, while the post-war artistic research is based on the presentation of studies in a documentary context. Certainly, this concept of displaying private space is not new, and from a certain distance, it can be concluded that the idea of the studio is transformed again from the high-modernist idea of the study as a creative force to the idea of conceptual art in which the studio as such is overwhelmed.

Exhibition New Perspectives | Artist Studio observes the private space of the artist as a subject – who documents, recreates and communicates with the specific exhibition space in which it is located. In this context, the entire exhibition and accompanying video work can be viewed as a site-specific installation whose main task is to demystify previous pre-studies of the studio as such, to observe the workspace of the artist as a place of research and experiment, with a particular emphasis on the importance of the creative process that is in this the context is as important as the final outcome – the finished work. With this in mind, the exhibition shows unfinished works as well as initial discussions that together with personal objects in an unconventional way represent the artist, his creative process and commitment to work.

The setting of the exhibition can also be interpreted according to Burjo’s definition of relational aesthetics (Bourriaud, Nicolas, Relational Aesthetics, Les Presses Du Réel, 2010) as a meeting place for artists and audiences. To place the artist’s private space in the exhibition space (which is far from the gallery sterile environment) gives the spectator a chance to physically and mentally step into the studio of the artist. The accompanying video work combines the entire setting of the exhibition and the observer becomes the witness of the process of creating an artwork, giving it a new value.

Studio artist from the second perspective shows dedication to work, but also problematizes predetermined and often romanticized terms related to an art studio as such. The concept of the exhibition deals with the key role the studio has in the creative process, with a special emphasis on the status that the studio has in the opinion of the general public. The initial idea is not only a recreational studio and stop there, so the exhibition itself does not represent a replica but a site-specific installation with a direct experience of private space within the assumed artistic creativity.

Thanks to such a conceptual exhibition that includes unfinished works, sketches and initial ideas, you can get an impression of time spent, deepen the process, commitment and dedication to work.

Within the GIR exhibition space, three artists were presented: Emilija Radojičić, Mario Kolarić and Svetlana Ždrnja who, although working in different techniques, are essentially watching their workspace as a place of inspiration and backbone in the creative process.

The exploited radiographers, wooden crayons and knitted fabrics, as well as the works, are exposed in the form of installation during the exhibition and serve as a reminder as it really is needed in order to achieve the completed artwork. Within the exhibition, video work has a documentary function. In addition, the video allows the observer to directly experience the process of creating artistic works that are exposed. Weaving on loose, drawing on paper in contrast with exposed finished works and tapestries.

Since the idea is not only to recreate the already existing physical space, all artists have selected several items that are in the exhibition area of GIR and incorporated them into their art studio.

Emilija Radojičić is a visual artist who currently lives and works in Belgrade. She first developed her artistic practice through a medium of drawings, paintings and graphics. She recently carried out her recent works and research in the field of installation and sculpture, where ideas and visions are transposed from a two-dimensional into a three-dimensional form of objects and tapestries, continuing with further elaborations of abstract content and sophisticated weaving shapes.

Mario Kolarić is a visual artist, born in Belgrade, grew up in Osijek and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He currently lives and works in Belgrade. Works in the field of drawings, objects and installations, creating an abstract narrative through simple art elements.

Svetlana Ždrnja is a visual artist, born in Subotica, and she finished elementary and master studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. In addition to the drawings, it is found in new media (analog photography).