Woodlock Chair – Upholstered

by Studio Redesign for GIR

Wood-lock with upholstery

Wood-lock with upholstery

This chair with or without armrests represents a rarely used construction principle of connecting the backrest and front leg with a transversal reinforcement. The chair has an extremely compacted and fluid shape, and the intertwining of “locked” girders gives the chair a tremendous rigidity and surprisingly small weight. Woodlock chair is a technologically demanding solution made by the most advanced modern wood processing technology.

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Redesign (Neven & Sanja Kovačić) is an interdisciplinary design studio that emphasises innovation. Their active interest in various aspects of technology and society has resulted in a broad spectrum of completed projects, from a recyclable cardboard shelf system to sophisticated test, training sports equipment and furniture. Their design of the Up-lift sofa bed (Prostoria, 2014) received the Interior Innovation Award (Winner) 2014 and the German Design Award (Special Mention) 2015.

The studio is concentrated on the product design and it is especially interested in natural aesthetics and logic and sustainable design.