Group Exhibition Форма – Forma

The ФОРМА – FORMA exhibition, by a group of young authors, will be opened at 19h at the GIR Store on the 18th of October, as a new chapter of this selling space, which will, in this way, for the first time establish itself as an exhibition space.

Within the ФОРМА – FORMA exhibition, as a kind of a retrospect on the modern art scene, 10 artists of a younger generation, whose work question the possibilities (and boundaries) of an abstract and figurative artistic expression, will present themselves through various media and artistic expressions. This will be a selling exhibition and it closes on the 18th of November.

GIR Store, as the youngest product of a family business in the field of furniture manufacture with its primary factory based in Kraljevo, functions as a unique retail multi-brand center, which incorporates all types of household products – from furniture and lighting to artwork and accessories.

This exclusive urban setting represents a meeting place for designers and manufacturers, with the thought of mutual exchange and implementation of ideas in space, where the conditions allow contextualizing design and its examination.

With the idea of unifying all arts, GIR Store aims towards the development of artistic market and mapping the domestic art scene.

The exhibition is commercial and it presents a great opportunity for the home public to get to know the modern art scene of a younger generation of artists.

The basic idea of the exhibition, as its name already suggests, represents form as a technical formal instrument which connects different techniques and individual authors. With this exhibition, the artists present their views and confronting the formal elements in different media which include: graphics, photography, collages, digital work, sculpture, and also the installations that will be done on the scene.

Even though these are different materials, techniques and dimensions, the displaying concept questions the possibility of a contemporary abstract and figurative expression in different formal frames incorporating itself into a broader concept of this unique space.

At the same time, the concept of the exhibition represents a kind of a retrospect on contemporary art scene of the new generation of artists.

The participants in the exhibition are:
Dragana Krtinić, Gorana Bačevac, Gorana Stojkov, Helena Tošić, Jovana Čajović, Ksenija Josifović, Ksenija Jovišević, Marija Knežević – Mariah Scary, Marina Milanović, Milica Mijajlović, Mina Piščević, Nemanja Knežević i Stefan Jovanović.