Shape and space exhibition

After reconsidering the abstract and figurative forms made with different media and techniques within the FORMA – ФОРМА exhibition, a series of exhibitions in GIR Store continues, and it represents the young art scene of Serbia and the region.

How to look at a sculpture? From which angle? What shape do you make out? What’s the form? How do different exhibited forms look together? How do they look separately? Which material was used to derive exhibited pieces? How do they communicate with the exhibition space? What is the relation between an observer and the art piece?


Shape and space is the title of the group exhibition which includes over thirty pieces of the artists of a younger generation, in an effort to explore mutual communication between the artwork itself and GIR Store as an exhibition space. The exhibition is divided into a few segments, in which the ambivalence of the sculpture, followed by abstract forms and openness for interpretation, is seen through a mutual correlation of the art pieces which are created with diverse techniques and materials.

From the figurative sculptures and evocation of the neo-dadaist experiments of the authors Nadežda Kirćanski and Gorana Bačevac, to the fluid abstract shapes that can be seen in the work of Nikola Matović, Vladimir Zaharijević and others, up to the ceramics as a specific field of applied arts in which the items can be viewed as sculptures, but also as utility pieces.

This group exhibition is trying to give an answer to the questions raised above about the nature of a sculpture and provide an answer about the way we should view it. Form of the exhibited pieces is in unity-dichotomy with GIR’s architectural project and exhibition space, and it aims to research, create, and perceive the limits of space.

The title of the group exhibition “Shape and space” is, in part, borrowed from the title of the book “Shape and time” which deals with structure and meaning of an artwork, but also with the aesthetics of sculpture, and it’s a piece by our famous painter, art critic, theoretician and an art historian Miodrag Protić. Opening of the exhibition will take place on April 11th2018 at 7 PM in GIR Store (Trešnjinog cveta broj 5) and it will be closed on May 12th2018.

The participants in the exhibition are: (in alphabetical order) Ana Vujović, Betonica, Bojan Krstić, Drvo Yew/Neda Krstić and Jelena Andabaka, Dunasab/Dunja Sabljić, Gorana Bačevac, Ivona Petrović, Jovana Petković, Milija Čpajak, Milica Mila Ristić, Nadežda Kirćanski, Nikola Matović, Sinonim Design, Stefan Stankovic Perić, Vladimir Zaharijević.