Vrednost – Deadline for open call for graphic design for GIR Art Print Collection is extended

The deadline for proposal submitting  for the competition is extended until September 15th, 2018

GIR and Kulturforum ODKR invite the authors to participate in the open public competition for graphic design in the GIR Art Print collection.

We received a large number of proposals which are encouraging and confirming the need for this kind of contest. Therefore, GIR and Kulturforum ODKR decided to extend the deadline for proposal submitting the competition until September 15th, after which the jury will make the final decision.

The terms and conditions of the competition remain the same.


The company GIR is dedicated to the development of an authentic contemporary design of furniture and home items of domestic authors. In cooperation with the Kulturforum ODKR, the company seeks to launch a development platform that includes a theoretical and practical discussion in the form of exchange and verification of ideas and concepts in order to achieve a recognizable, authentic portfolio for wide production. The GIR Art Print Collection is one of a series of projects that GIR intends to launch this Platform and the corresponding program of development of authentic home design in Serbia. In the conceptual center of this development program there is the notion of “values” and its possible interpretation and materialization in contemporary art and design. The value for which we are searching is not predetermined or known, nor is it an easily calculated sum of predictable factors of production and placement – this is the value embedded in the work and the object that must be recognizable and significant both for the author and for the user.

We invite authors, artists, designers and other creators to submit competitive solutions for works that will become part of the GIR Art Print collection. We are looking for solutions that will best answer the given term “Value” in the way that will best represent the values ​​that GIR cherish : authentic author’s approach, recognizable concept, sophisticated design and cutting-edge technical design.

Propositions of the competition:

  • The creative framework of the competition is the term “Value”.
  • The competition is public, open to interested creators.
  • Three equal redemption prizes in the amount of 1,000.00 (thousand euros) in RSD against the value at the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of the announcement of the results of the competition are awarded.
  • If the jury does not assign all three equal buyback prizes, for the remaining awards, the contest will continue according to the previously announced schedule until the final addition of all three equal prizes, thus terminating the competition.
  • The jury will also award seven equal praise.
  • Awarded competitive solutions will be printed in a screen printing technique of 100 (one hundred) copies, numbered and signed by the author and offered for sale in the GIR Store, on the Internet and otherwise specified by GIR.
  • Awarded and praised works will be printed in Fine Art Print digital printing technology in three copies, numbered and signed by a winner  (one for the author, GIR and Kulturforum ODKR).
  • Awarded works and compliments will be presented to the audience at the exhibitions after the completion of the competition, which will be organized in the premises of GIR Store and in other attractive places.
  • Competition solutions should be sent in PDF format by e-mail to the address gir.art@gir.rs with an indication GIR Art Print collection, competition 01.
  • Dimensions of the submitted work is 80 x 60 cm.
  • The submitted works must be less than 3MB.
  • Each author can submit only two submitted work.
  • The deadline for submission of competitive solutions in the first cycle is Friday, June 1, 2018, at 23:59 local time.
  • The results of the first cycle will be published on Thursday, 7 June 2018, on GIR web sites and social networks and Kulturforum ODKR.

For more information, please write to us at the email address kulturforum.odkr@gmail.com and gir.art@gir.rs.