In this GIR Lighting Guide we’ve gathered all the things you need to know before buying Lighting as this is a crucial segment that will give your home the atmosphere you want it to have.

Striking the right lighting balance, inside and outside your home, can really make a space shine. Not only this, but it can also enhance our wellbeing. Take a look at out top five Muuto Lighting products that are available at GIR Store with a special discount!

The Story Behind Muuto Unfold Lamp

The Unfold Pendant Lamp brings a new perspective to the archetypal industrial light through its silicone rubber, making for a playful and tactile design. Wanting to learn more about the ideas for the design, Muuto visited designers Form Us With Love in their Stockholm studio to learn more about the story behind Unfold lamp!

GIR Guide: Feel the Spring

Spring is here and it means one thing only! It’s time to give some extra love to our plants and bring the outdoors inside our homes! It’s time to feel the spring and enjoy your green oasis on your terrace or balcony or in your living room.


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