The season of outdoor living has arrived. From statement dining sets to flexible accessories – it’s time to bring life back into your garden or balcony and be ready to soak up some sun.

Working at home means you get to decorate your space and create a pleasant working environment that will boost your productivity. Here are some office ideas that are both functional and beautiful!

FSC ​: Your furniture plants a tree

What it means when you see a FSC certificate on wooden furniture? In short – it means that the wood is sourced from sustainable forests that aren’t cut down faster than they can regenerate, the local wildlife is considered and taken care of and the forest workers’ conditions are assured. FSC certification for furniture is a good indication that the furniture has been independently evaluated and determined sustainable or eco-friendly. As a furniture company, GIR became FSC approved 9 years ago.

Against the Grain: Pushing the Limits of Wood

Wood is a medium with a lot of possibilities, but it’s also not unusual for the medium to “refuse to” yield to something it’s been asked to do, and the end result can often be surprising, as this is a live material but also a viable contemporary medium. Here are some artists who are pushing the limits of wood.


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