Behind the scenes: Kvadrat Textiles

A new publication by Alastair Philip Wiper titled “Unintended Beaty” with photos of Kvadrat textile production factories in the UK and the Netherlands recently got published and we love it! The publication is envisioned as a photographic journey of industrial iconography and scientific symbolism found in industrial and technical facilities around the world. Alastair Philip Wiper is a Copenhagen based, British photographer that offers us with this book a rare insight into places of work, knowledge, and power that we regularly can’t see. 

Among other factories, it includes photographic documentation of Kvadrat textiles factories Wooltex in Huddersfield, UK, and Innofa in the Netherlands. 

This book presents us with an insight into accidental aesthetics, careful complexities and rich details of machines – something we usually don’t think of. It’s these machines that are smashing atoms together, creating other machines, making airplanes and our shoes, clothes and almost everything around us.  

Kvadrat’s factory – Wooltex 

Wooltex factory in UK has been the heart of textile manufacturing for centuries and is one of Kvadrat’s longest-standing partner suppliers. Wooltex has been working with Kvadrat for more than 20 years.

Having such a large customer allows us to run our business in a lean way; we have no need for large Sales and Marketing departments for example. We can concentrate our investments on Kvadrat requirements; the machinery we buy, people we hire and the training we invest in, can be focused specifically on Kvadrat’s needs. Also, Kvadrat business is not seasonal, which means we tend not to have peaks and troughs in our output. It is steady and consistent and therefore allows us to be efficient.

Kvadrat is truly a leader in the textile industry and if you are looking for the best textile solutions for space, look no further. Kvadrat’s Ready-Made Curtains, as well as rugs, are available at GIR Store, Trešnjinog cveta 5, Belgrade, Serbia.