Black Friday Sale

On the penultimate Friday in November, planetary shopping is created, which has recently been on the rise in Serbia – Black Friday Sale.

The real holiday for all shopping people in America has been around since 1952, and soon this consumer frenzy has taken hold in the UK, and then became popular in other parts of Europe, primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but also in Australia, India and China.

We’ve prepared special discounts on selected items at GIR Store!

Black Friday sounds ominous. Something like Friday the 13th, when those more inclined to superstition can hardly wait for Saturday to come. But Black Friday is one of the most exciting days of the year in the United States, and often the happiest day of the year there. Unofficially, that day could also be marked as a spending holiday.

Afteroom Coat hanger by Menu

Since the 1930s, Black Friday in the US marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Thanksgiving is a non-working holiday that is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in November. As it falls about a month before Christmas, and as many workers have always struggled to put together the holiday on Thursday and the coming weekend, the Friday after Thanksgiving meant that many they would be home. And the opportunity to go shopping.

In the GIR Store you will find a special collection of products of famous brands in dark, black tones. At discounts of 20-30% you can find pieces of furniture, kitchen, textile and decorative accessories for your home.

Here you can find great deals on furniture, lamps, tableware and lovely home decor accessories. The Black Friday items are available only while stocks last, so don’t waste time!

Everybody knows there is nothing better than a fresh notebook! If you’re up for a little bit of fun, with a slight touch of uniqueness, then we suggest you to check out our Design Letters range of notebooks and stationary. With an iconic font by Arne Jacobsen, from 1937, and a simple idea, you can make it personal.

We give you 30% off on the whole Design Letters collection during The Black Friday Sale!

We may not be aware of it, but light plays a key role in the design of a visual environment. Work and movement are only possible when there is light, and lighting is an important factor on how we perceive our environment, influencing the way we feel and react to a certain space. Lighting is really the means that can help you express the character of space. Wide range of desk and pendant lamps you will find in our Black Friday Sale offer!

Normann Copenhagen make beautiful things. This sounds quite simple but in practice it is rather difficult, especially in a world where good design increasingly comes a poor second to low price. Superior products by definition should contain superior materials and can require small scale manufacturing involving many skilled processes. The Craft Mills and Krenit collection exemplify this approach. Some of iconic design pieces are available from this Friday until Tuesday, during Black Friday Sale!

Working with wood is a central part of what we do at GIR. Searching for new colors and the explorations of structures take up a lot of time in the research and development phase before a new design sees the light of day. Due the great interest for the most popular two design pieces from our, GIR Collection, from now are available in black as well, with special price during Black Friday Sale!

Love it or loathe it, the Black Friday phenomenon isn’t about to disappear, so bring a friend and join in us in GIR Store from Friday to Tuesday for the Black Friday Sale!