Christmas Decoration Guide✨

Even though 2020 has been an unprecedented year with our lives turned upside down and we had to find ways to adapt to our new lives. This is why holiday tradition and togetherness with your loved ones is more than ever important. Christmas means a warm holiday atmosphere in your home filled with light, with a small or big decorated Christmas tree and a lot of cosy details.Decorating a Christmas tree and your home may seem easy at first, if you remember how it was when we were little and our loved ones used to open the big boxes where our Christmas decorations were kept for the year. But doing it as a grownup is a totally another story. You need to pick a theme, an overall color (or just let it shine), decide on the position of the Christmas tree, lighting and so much more of the little details. 

And details are the things that matter. We believe that Christmas decorations should all be in detail. That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite items for decorating your home from our selection at #GIRstore that could really make a difference. 

Ferm Living Winterland Christmas Stocking

Let’s start with Stockings! A stocking in your home is the epitome and representation of holidays which brings warm memories. The Winterland Christmas stocking by Ferm Living is a modern take on the classic Christmas stocking. It is made of cotton canvas with a hand-printed geometric pattern with decorative lines and dots. The Christmas stocking has a generous size and will house several small gifts. Get ready for Christmas and surprise someone with a classic Christmas stocking! It’s also our Weekly Spotlight and available with a 20% discount this week.

Marble Trees from Ferm Living with their simple shape they let nature into your home. As they are made of marble, every piece is unique, each with their own expression of the classic stone. Create a little marble forest and get a lovely nature-inspired setting in return.

Candlelight is also a synonym for Christmas and holiday tradition, as a way to light up our days in the harsh winter weather. Candlelight and warm lighting in your home will create a nice cozy atmosphere. For that we’ve selected for you various items that will go with your home: Ferm Living Candleholder Circle, Menu Wall and Table Candleholders

And ofcourse Christmas decorations! Decorate the Christmas tree or a smaller branch in the winter season with the new jewellery-inspired ornaments Leaf Brass from Ferm Living. 

Leaf Brass Ornaments

With its thin brass chain and the leaf made with simple shapes, this ornament gives the Christmas decoration a modern touch. Add some Twin Eye Brass Ornament, Twin Half Moon Brass Ornaments and Twin Half Circle Brass Ornaments to your Christmas Tree for a full golden look. You can pair the golden tones with Christmas Hand Painted Glass Ornaments for a more traditional look. Add some warm lighting and gifts under the tree for the full experience!

In the end, with all the little details in set, the true meaning of Christmas is to spend it with your loved ones, and happy holidays from the GIR Team!