Christmas Dining Guide 🎄

The most festive season is upon us. Even though this year we won’t be dining out in a luxurious restaurant, it doesn’t mean we should cancel and miss out on a nice dining setup at home. This year the focus on Christmas and New Year is on creating a more intimate and subtle tone of dining for your guests that will make them feel cozy and in the holiday mood. We’ve prepared a dining guide with items from our selection at GIR Store that will help you create that perfect holiday atmosphere.

The dining room and the kitchen have always been the warmest rooms, literally and metaphorically. The scent of the gingerbread cookies straight from the oven, a festive but elegant dining setup, a glass of your favorite drink, and most importantly – people you care about. 

The colors of the season may vary, and you should follow the theme of your holiday decoration when setting up your dining table. If you opted out for beige tones or classic green and red tones that just scream the holiday season, we’ve got some recommendations on how to create the perfect dining setup. When setting up the table, it’s always important to start from the centerpiece and the main theme of your holiday decorations. It can be candles and candlesticks with pine branches arranged, bare on the table, or with the covered surface with a cloth.

The choice is all yours! You can also opt-out for some centerpieces such as vases. Below you can see some of our suggestions such as Folded Vase from Menu, Geometry Vases, or even Muses Vases from Ferm Living.

Ferm Living Muses Vases

If you want to go with natural candles, you can choose from our selection of candles such as Sekki Candles, or candle holders such as Marble Candleholder, Circle Brass Candleholder. The choice is up to you to find the best centerpiece that matches your holiday theme 

When setting up the table, glassware and silverware are very important as it sets the tone of the whole Holiday setting. We recommend the Ferm Living Ripple collection and Normann Copenhagen EM Cutlery (Ferm Living Ripple Glasses and EM Cutlery are our GIR Weekly Spotlight favorites and available with a 20% discount this week) 

For the little details, we recommend Ferm Living Buckle Jars that are also super handy to store the little things on the table. Salt and pepper grinders are a must in every dining occasion and our recommendations are MENU Bottle Grinders in Green/Beige which are also our GIR Weekly Spotlight favorites and available with a 20% discount this week! 

MENU Bottle Grinders in Green/Beige

You will need special dishware to serve your holiday feast. We recommend Stelton’s Cook & Serve Dishes are stackable so they don’t take up much of your kitchen space, and yet functional and beautiful. And they are also our Weekly Spotlight favorite available with a 20% this week. Bread Box could also come in handy, not only for the holiday but in general, and we recommend Bread Box by Stelton.

A great addition to your dining setup and a great gift to give is EM77 Jug by Stelton that just tells it’s Naturally Scandinavian. The classic EM 77 jug remains one of Stelton’s best-selling designs. True to tradition, the vacuum jug is produced twice a year in the season’s fashionable Scandinavian colors. This season, colors are inspired by the Scandinavian forests, the islands, and surrounding waters. 

Stelton EM77 Jug

No matter the theme of your dining table and how elegant and cozy you make it, in the end, holidays are about the people you decide to spend and celebrate them with. This year it seems more than ever important to cherish the people you have in your life and celebrate the upcoming holidays safely with your loved ones.