Christmas Decoration Guide

It’s Holiday season and whether you are excited about decorating your home or are just looking forward to non-working days, the fact is – you will be spending more time at home, curled up with a good book on the couch or maybe hosting a dinner party for your friends and family.

We all have different taste when it comes to decorating our home, but whether you prefer a more rustic or modern look, Ripple Throw blanket is perfect for any living room. Even if it looks simple, this detail can instantly make your place feel cozier. When setting up our dining room, we chose a blanket in brown hues, to make the room feel warmer. We recommend you to choose a darker palette with colors such as dark green or olive green, burgundy red or brown in combination with a bold mustard yellow or orange hues. Implementing this color scheme for holidays will make you feel like you never want to leave your apartment! Just kidding, we all need to go to work, eventually!:)   

Creating a dedicated shared space is a smart move if you are hosting a Christmas brunch or a Holiday party. This is the room where your friends and family will spend most of their time, and maybe have the rest of their dessert after a big Christmas lunch. 

After the guests leave, your living room is also set for relaxing on the couch with a good book while listening to our Holiday mixtape on Spotify!  

Lightning is always important when it comes to creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Choose glare-free, indirect lighting and play around with shades by lowering your light source. For example, we recommend you to use Edison the Petit lamp by Fatboy if your place has a more modern and contemporary feel or Carrie LED lamp if you like a timeless classic design that can go anywhere.

Having multiple light sources can give your place a more cozy feeling, and your Christmas tree will be more in focus than with just turning on the main light in your living room. For our Christmas Tree decoration, this year we decided to go simple but effective with a large tree decorated with golden Ferm living ornaments and with some wrapped presents below.  

How to decorate your dining room is the centerpiece of our Holiday guide because this is the room where you will spend the most of your time enjoying with family and friends, We have prepared for you a guide on how to decorate your dining table in a bold but a relaxed manner.  

We recommend dressing up your dining table, preferably in linen or some kind of soft clothing, as it will make the dining setup more elegant, and also prevent possible stains that come from that marvelous Christmas lunch. We loved how clean and sophisticated our Klin table in ash looked with the tableware, so we decided to cover it only partially.  

If you don’t have complete sets of tableware – don’t worry, You can use different types of plates to create a composition and connect everything with some cloth napkins. In our dining room decoration, we played with different shapes and sizes of Neu Collection by Ferm living tableware and combined it with some Ferm Living Tea Towels and Cloth Napkins.  

As a centerpiece, we used Ikebana Neu Vase to help elevate our table setting. You can always use candle holders or some similar type of decoration to elevate any table setting. With glasses and drinks you will be serving, it’s important to choose the same glass type and hues. You can see how we did it with Ferm Living’s Ripple set of champagne glasses with combined with the same type Wine Carafe. We used gold colored cutlery add an extra layer of warmth to the table setting. Trays can also be super handy when you need to serve food or clear plates away – and what better way to do it then with Notre Monde luxurious Tray or Coupled Tray.

You create the atmosphere, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to go with a more classic or modern look. Either way, at GIR Store you can find some inspirations for both! Now the only thing left is to serve the food, and for us to wish You Happy Holidays and Bon Appetit!   

All the best,

GIR Team