Cottage Kamenica

Task: Furnishing project;
Architects: Filip Rašković
Area: 110 sqm
Type: Residential
Year: 2020
Location: Goč
Brands: Ethnicraft
Photography: Mihajlo Čkvorić

N 701 – Sofa
EX 1 chair, with armrest – Out of production

Cottage Kamenica draws our attention to the great potential of wood – both in terms of construction and in terms of its aesthetics, application in the interior and exterior. Although wood is one of the oldest building materials in the world, its use in the construction of family houses, villas and cottages in Serbia has been unfairly set. Contrary to that trend, this holiday house at the foot of the Goč mountain was mostly built using the use of this noble, natural and warm building material. The initial task was to build holiday homes in the so-called ethnic style.

The intention was for the new intervention to fit harmoniously into the traditional mountain environment, so the choice of materials and construction techniques was crucial. “My idea was to keep a part of that tradition in shape but to approach a slightly different way in wood processing. During the work on the project, we managed to transform that ethno moment and to introduce a specific Scandinavian vibe “- points out the architect Filip Rašković.

For the construction and floor coverings, the wood kept its natural tone and thus represents the basis of the aesthetics of the project, while for the wall covering, the wood was toned in lighter shades. With the surface treatment, the user’s attention is focused on the environment that is reflected in the window openings of significant dimensions. “In order to keep the basic concept of using natural materials, pieces of Ethnicraft furniture in camel skin were selected in the living area” – Raskovic.