Task: Furnishing project; Project management;
Architect: Filip Rašković
Area: 2000 sqm
Type: Commercial & Offices
Year: 2019
Location: Dorćol, Belgrade
Brands: GIR custom made furniture, GIR Collection, Ethnicraft, Muuto, Ligne Roset, Ferm Living
Photography: Relja Ivanić

GIR custom made furniture:
Custom made tables, flower boxes
Brida Chair, Klin Table, Polytop tables
Bok Table, Straight Bench, Stairs Cupboard, Round coffee table, Torsion table
Ligne Roset:
Togo sofa
Oslo Sofas and Chairs, Connect Sofa, Base Tables, Under the Bell
Ferm Living:
Plant box, Hourglass pot

The brick walls are an association to the Kalemegdan Fortress, the names of the meeting rooms are given after the names of the traditional Dorcol taverns, while the proximity of the Zoo served as inspiration for illustrations.

The former Beko building in the center of Belgrade has been reconstructed and turned into the office space of the Kalemegdan Business Center. Company CPA Global rented a two-story space in this building from 2,500 m2 which needed to be arranged modernly and tailored to the employees so that they could work but also have fun.

The space is designed to provide maximum flexibility in performing daily tasks and bring dynamism in the directions of movement of employees.

The open space zone is organized along the perimeter of the floor along large window openings (3 × 3 meters) which provide teams with a sufficient amount of natural light. She has separated a long belt of greenery from the central part of the space reserved for meeting rooms with a capacity for 2 to 22 people formed as flexible glass boxes of different surfaces.
In addition to these dominant facilities, the business space is enriched with lounge zones, play rooms, focus room, hub and phone booths.

The base and design of the project are presented through the location (Kalemegdan, Zoo, old town, estuary) and its basic values ​​are through the materials and colors that are in use integrated into the interior of the office space.