Designers Today : Grupa Studio

Grupa is a Croatian designer collective that operates in the fields of lighting and product design, interior design, exhibition set-up and scenography.For GIR, they designed a family of Brida Chairs.

Tihana Taraba, Ivana Pavić and Filip Despot came together in 2006 with the goal of becoming a renowned design brand that is distinguished by innovative and versatile products, minimalism, functionality and flexibility. Having accomplished this, the trio, based in Zagreb, stepped boldly into the manufacturing of high-end lighting in 2012 when they founded Grupa Products. They made the move because they were not content to limit their influence to designing alone.

Dot Table

They’ve been collaborating with Croatian and international furniture manufacturers such as factory Prostoria, Artisan, Shuma, and for their own brand “Grupa products” with which they have entered the world and European market have a series of lamps : Baluna, Model, Arigato and ILI_ILI.



Collaboration with GIR, Grupa Studio started a little more than two years ago. Idea and the concept of the GIR brand were formalistically very close to their aesthetics, which is why they immediately got into business with lots of enthusiasm and for us they created the collection of chairs “Brida”.

Brida Chair with Armrest - Dusty Pink

The collection consists of a chair with armrests, a chair without an armrest, a bar stool and a semi-armchair. The combination of modern technology of wood processing and precise handwork helped in accomplishing a form which is comfortable to sit on and surfaces that feel pleasant to touch. The uniqueness of the series is revealed in the detail of a slantwise cut edge that wriggles through the continuing line which connects the backrest and the armrest. Clear angles and surfaces accentuate the feeling of immensity and firmness while, at the same time, achieving a visually purified, elegant and fluid form.

Brida chair
Brida chairs

Creating a product is always an exciting process, and in the case of Brida it was challenging and demanding. Given that GIR was only just in the making, we had no product of reference which we could follow, and we were aware that the typology of the product we design will, in a way, set the identity of the brand.

The success of the award-winning Grupa Studio is no surprise given the team is made up of a generation of young Croatians who have roared forth on the contemporary design scene globally during the past several years. Their products you can see in a studio set within a showroom, which is located in the popular Zagreb design district, and besides that Brida chairs are always available in 8 different colors at GIR Store.