Designers Today: Jens Fager

Jens Fager was born in 1979. and is one of Sweden’s most interesting young designers. He graduated from the Konstfack University in Stockholm and has made international design impact with exhibitions across Europe in cities such as Milan, London, and Stockholm.

His big breakthrough in the world of design came in 2008 when Jens, as a final student at Konstfack University College of Arts and Crafts, presented his furniture collection Govhugget  (Swedish word for rustic). Later on the Danish brand, Muuto decided to start manufacturing the collection with the name ‘Raw’. Jens also designed the Press Room for the Stockholm Furniture Fair back in 2009 and Greenhouse for the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010.

jens fager
Grain Pendant Lamp for Muuto 

As a designer, Jens Fager is attracted by the flexibility and the movement of the paper. The movement of the light and texture was one of his main inspirations when designing the Grain lamp for Muuto. For an interview with Muuto Jens Fager explained his design philosophy.

“Everything is different. The core of my philosophy that permeates all is to treat every single product in an honest way and to find its main function. Secondly, I always want a sense of humor, surrealism, or poetry in my work. The end result is a natural product for the consumer.”

His collaborations with Muuto continued and later, he created the collection of Grain lighting whose focus lies in the special material – made out of bamboo and plastic fibers. The unique feel to the touch is strongly reminiscent of paper. He regularly designs for brands including Muuto, Stelton, Edsbyn, Zero Lighting, and other international brands. In our multi-brand GIR Store, we have some of Jens Fager’s products he designed for Muuto and Stelton.

“The strength of the Scandinavian design is natural learning and understanding of everyday needs. During the summer, we need the functional carafe for serving chilled lemonade while in the winter, we need a cozy lamp. The strength of Scandinavian designers is that they have a critical eye for aesthetics and do not leave much up to chance—that brings beauty to the products.”

jens fager

Grain Pendant Lamp for Muuto

jens fager

Texture of Grain Pendant Lamp

Grain Pendant Lamp for Muuto
Using the new bamboo-based material to form a lampshade combined with polypropylene allows the Grain Pendant Lamp to have its natural color and texture. The name derives from this new composite of materials resulting in a matt surface that pairs the smoothness of plastic with the fiber of the bamboo. Bamboo is becoming more and more used material in product design and architecture because at the same time it’s lightweight and strong, and is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. The lamp itself has a relatively simple shape because the focus is on the material and the flecks of bamboo grain that can be seen across the shade with subtle color variations and lighting effects. The lamp is available in six different colors and is fitter with an energy-efficient LED bulb that provides you with up to 10.000 hours of life.

“Grain is a versatile, environmentally friendly pendant lamp with a warm and welcoming appearance that provides a great quality light,” said Fager. “You can actually see the natural stains and patterns of the material’s structure in it.”

Tip Lamp for Muuto
With the idea to strip design down to its essentials, Jens Fager designed for Muuto a lamp which emphasizes that design philosophy with a simple minimal frame from molded aluminum and a rounded head. The name of the Tip Lamp comes from the movement of the lamp itself. The lampshade subtly tips backward to allow better light distribution. The lampshade also has laser-cut grooves that accentuate its geometric shape – according to the designer. Jens chose molded aluminum to give the lamp a “clean and precise look” that contributes to its subtle aesthetic.

By just looking at it, you might not notice but this lamp is actually pretty adjustable because both the head and arm can be angled for better light distribution and a dimmer function is included so you can control the amount of light and therefore use it in various settings.

“During the design process, I focused on polishing every single detail while emphasizing the functional aspect of the lamp,” said Fager. “I wanted to reduce the design to the very essence of its purpose.”

Even though it’s small in size, the Grip Candlestick is made of heavy powder coated aluminum and has a strong presence when placed individually or grouped together in your home. It comes in four colors.

Continuing his exploration of lighting, for Muuto Jens Fager also designed the Open Candelabra as a contemporary update to a timeless design with three candle holders in a symmetric line. We can’t think of any holidays without this Candelabra.

Jens Fager didn’t only specialize in furniture and lighting design. For Stelton’s Rig-Tig collection, Jens designed series of kitchenware and kitchen utensils such as Lemon Squeezer or collection of mixing bowls.

Jen Fager’s design philosophy includes an honest approach to design and aesthetics that goes hand in hand with the products’ functionality. Visit us at Trešnjinog cveta 5 and find all of the above mentioned products and many more.