Designers Today : Simon Legald

Young, curious and talented, Simon Legald is a Danish designer born in 1986. Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenaghen, in 2012, he has shown immediately an extraordinary ability to put in dialogue between craftsmanship and industry. Legald’s projects highlight a remarkable honesty that bring him to combine functional aspects, psychic and aesthetic needs. Simple and essential shapes define the identity of the objects without useless details, in which structural features are able to communicate the idea behind product.

Simon is an active and curious person who is constantly questioning himself during the creative process. As a designer he considers important to know how companies works in order to understand the ‘real world’ of design, but he doesn’t forget the importance of artisan work. His early incorporation to the professional world make Simon Legald a model both for young and renowned designers. Before his graduation in 2012, Normann Copenhagen has already bought and send to productions four of his designs. Sumo pouf was his very first design in production for Normann Copenhagen.

Sumo Pouf

About this long lasting collaboration, Simon says : It’s a close collaboration where I don’t have to sacrifice anything from my original design. When I begin to design a product, I often have a few ideas about colors and names. And these are often the ones we end up choosing. Having a good dialog with the manufacturer is something that I value highly. It helps me to get close to different production technics, which can optimize the process a lot.

Era Lounge Chair

Nowadays, he is still designing for them, with the most recognized works such Form Chair series, Era Lounge Chairs and Circus Poufs. Last collection from Normann Copenhagen included Simon’s designs: Herit Collection of chairs, Sum sofa and Hyg Lounge Chair.

Three words : simplicity, functionalism and tradition. I’m a projection of my surroundings.

Form Collection, 2014 With the mission of creating a shell chair with a more unified look that would stand as one cohesive unit, Simon Legald has created the Form Chair for Normann Copenhagen.To achieve this seamless, integrated look, a new and innovative solution for gathering the seat with the legs has been developed. The curved plastic seat and frame of oak, walnut or steel are naturally integrated with the seat using a unique cup system. The plastic seat and wood or steel legs meet elegantly, accentuating the high quality craftsmanship and the simplicity of the Scandinavian furniture design. Form is a modern armchair with a minimalistic expression.

Circus Poufs, 2013 With its rounded shape and clean, graphic lines, the Circus is a modern interpretation of the antique Moroccan leather pouf. The pouf allows contradictions to meet in a design whose style is stringent and minimalist, while at the same time having a soft and inviting expression.The Circus pouf consists of two different types of foam; firm foam to maintain the shape of the bottom part of the pouf and softer foam on the upper part for great seating comfort. Circus is a multi-functional piece of furniture and can, for example, be used as an extension for your sofa, as a seat for a coffee table or as a decorative seat in the bedroom.

Era Collection, 2014 Classic, inviting, nostalgic and curved. That’s one way of describing our Era Lounge Collection. But the Era Collection is much more. The design is well-proportioned, the lines are sharp, and the feel is contemporary. The Era Collection is designed to transcend generations and is just as at home with lovers of design or families with children, as it is with young couples or their grandparents.

Herit Collection, 2018 Herit reflects Simon Legald’s love of classic Danish furniture craftsmanship, that comes from a desire to design a versatile and strong chair uniting the different eras of Danish design.

Danish design traditions have left a clear mark on Simon Legald’s chair series, Herit, which is short for heritage. The simple and honest style that characterises Danish furniture history stands as a clear frame of reference for a collection draped in nostalgia. But Herit is just as much a design that looks forward. Innovative production methods, new material compositions and timeless silhouettes give life to a chair that stands tall on its own.

Grant Lamp Series, 2018 A granite base with a thunder grey mineral mélange constitutes the magnetic starting point for the Grant series. In a symphony of contrasts, this elegant igneous stone is paired with polished metals to compose a refined and balanced design. Grant arises from the aesthetic interplay between high shine and dusty granular depth. The series’ ensemble of lamps for wall mounting, ceiling, floor and table have an inherent classic quality and a versatile appeal. Lampshades with a dense rounded silhouette, inspired by Copenhagen’s iconic street lighting, meet slender arms in soft and airy compositions.

Sum Sofa Collection , 2018 Sum is the name of Normann Copenhagen’s take on a light modular sofa, which has the same complete appearance, whether it is set up in a two-seater version or as a several metre long lounge dream. The design is stringent and focused, but invitingly open in character: elegant and resolute as a wingspread stretching out into the air, the sofa spreads out its armrests and invites you into its soft and homely space.

Simon Legald aims to create products that last. This makes his works true masterpieces, and an expression of a flexible design without compromises. All of this and so much more designs of Simon Legald are available at GIR Store!