Easy Daily Routine

People across the globe are currently in quarantine and working from home due to the concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and whilst it can have a heavy impact on your day-to-day lives, there are certain things we can all do to reduce anxiety and remain healthy and sane throughout the process.

‘’I will have things folded, ironed, and puffed. I will make interesting dinners and coif my hair and laugh at the days to come. It’s going to be so fun not to have a job and I will take a lot of naps.’’

Prioritize Sleep
Go to bed at a reasonable time, at least one (but preferably two) hours before midnight. Each hour asleep before midnight is worth two after . The more you sleep the better you will feel. The better you feel, the better the home atmosphere.

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Control Table Lamp
Control Table Lamp

Start Your Day Off Right
There’s always a lot of talk about getting up earlier. You can make a ritual. It may be a cup of coffee with newspapers, a book or anything that means something to you. By having a ritual, you enjoy you’re more likely to maintain this habit. If you create a schedule and fill every single minute, you’ll drive yourself to insanity.
So, enjoy in small morning rituals and let them inspire your day along.

The slow coffee movement is rooted in manual brewing methods such as pour-over or French press and was born to bring you the joy of a slow, relaxing passage of time with pouring over coffee. Made in matt black stoneware with a shiny glaze the Theo coffee maker is both rustic and elegant. The filter funnel only has three holes at the bottom, so the run-through time is naturally reduced. Enjoy a delicious, aromatic coffee every time with the Theo coffee maker. 
But, if that is not your cup of coffee, maybe you are a tea enthusiast! For tea lovers who knows that it’s not just pouring hot water over herbs, we recommend to check out Normann Copenhagen selection of Teas contained in colorful and reusable tins (Chai, Rooibos, Green Tea, Mint Caramel, Lemon Meringue and many more) – the set comes with a reusable tea strainer designed to give you just the perfect aroma.

WELP… now you’re literally *stuck* at home all day.

Make home decor plans 
While we can’t go out just now, we can make a new home decor plan. Find ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, online blogs and magazines, or look through the books you probably have gathering dust on bookshelves.
Write a list of the top 10 design pieces you would like to change and start researching plans to buy these off.

Gather some friends for a “virtual chat evening” and discuss your plans for decorating, changing and refreshing your home.

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Home as the new office
During quarantine, most of us are working from home. There will be people who will, on the first day after the quarantine, race to meet colleagues and drink that office coffee. But there will be those who will not want to return to the office.
In the future, more attention will be given to the arrangement of the workplace at home. The spatial organization will change, with the place to work at home no longer a desk with a parody of an office chair and a lamp, slotted somewhere in the corner of the living room or under the stairs. Now it will be a completely separate room with large windows, blackout curtains, and comfortable furniture. 

The Ready-Made Curtain offers everything that makes a good curtain: The individual parts are separately available and also individually combined. If you want to add more color to a room, a red curtain can be hung up on a blue cord, for example. For a more uniform curtain, all elements can be selected in the same color From a warm woolen fabric for a cozy atmosphere to a contemporary unwoven textile for a clean and minimal finish, every kind of interior is achievable. 
Besides a comfortable atmosphere in our home office, we also need the spirit of some organization. Lands, the collection of trays is the perfect product for that. The best thing is that the collection is very versatile, for example – it can be used as a desk organizer in an office, centerpiece on a coffee table, or an organizer for the small accessories in our hallways. And as time goes, we find new ways we can use them.

We could all use a little love and laughter – especially now
Between apocalyptic cities, depressing headlines, storms in the city and travel restrictions, it’s safe to say we’re in dire need of some laughter and love.
At times like this, you need a distraction and there’s no better way to get your fix of giggles and just overall, good feel by rewinding it back to classic rom coms with your soul mate.

Inka Cushion

Snuggle up after dinner to enjoy each other’s company in the best way possible. This won’t be a problem after all with the Sekki Soya Candles, a cozy Inka Blanket and of course matching Inka cushion, all by Ferm Living.

Stay safe, stay at home! 🤎