Ferm Living / Autumn – Winter 2019

In Ferm Living / Autumn – Winter 2019 Collection, the brand captured the fluid and irregular shapes of nature, tactile experiences and their love of handicrafts, recycled materials, and colors that range from ebony to ivory.

Instead of only showing you their take on an ideal home, Ferm Living’s new collection is also all about “behind-the-scenes”. Working with very skilled craftsmen around the world with in-depth knowledge of their specific craft, the new Ferm Living / Autumn – Winter 2019 collection the process of how something is made is accentuated.

The decoration of the home captures the authentic and balanced living“.

Ferm Living / Autumn Winter 2019

The Hallway

First impressions are the most lasting. The minute your front door opens, a new memory begins to evolve, grow and turn into a story you may cherish forever. The hallway is more than a passage to the home; greet yourself and your guests with a welcoming, warm atmosphere and an instinctive feeling of coming home.

Ferm Living / Autumn - Winter 2019
Ferm Living / Autumn - Winter 2019

The Living Room

The lovely high-quality sofa and perfect pillows are not what makes a home. You, your family, guests, your history, experiences, and feelings do. With room for parties and contemplation, for your closest family or everyone you know, the living room sets the scene for all the best stories.

Contrasts are not only captivating to the eye but will also bring engaging dimensions to a room.

Ferm Living / Autumn - Winter 2019

The Kitchen

A natural playground and an essential gathering point to the family, the kitchen lets you experience new things or wallow in nostalgia. Let your taste buds be your guide, and do not play by the rules. Squeeze, whip, chop away and embark on a journey through the flavors of the world.

The Bedroom

Whether you are into mindfulness or pillow-fights, long mornings or an early start, the bedroom cuddles you with the familiar scent of your own pillow and the comfort of heavy blankets. Recharged, the bedroom sends you out into the world with fresh energy.

Ferm Living / Autumn - Winter 2019

The Bathroom

Connect with your senses and create a sanctuary from the daily rush. Feel the soft textiles on your skin, evoke old memories with perfume your mother used to wear or treat yourself to a long bath.

The Office

Create the right surroundings for letting a new concept grow into a stroke of genius. Sort out your thoughts and ideas and turn your office into an inspirational space. Smart storage and beautiful details turn your office around from being a space you long to leave to a room, in which you long to be.

Ferm Living / Autumn - Winter 2019

The Kids Corner

Turn the kids’ room into a magical space with room for play, creativity, and curiosity. Cherish the teddies, the forts built out of blankets and pillows and the fanciful recipes invented in the small-chef kitchen. The only limit is your child’s imagination.

With Ferm Living / Autumn – Winter 2019 collection you can turn the kids’ room into a magical space with countless ideas ready to be born there.

Ferm Living / Autumn - Winter 2019

The Green Space

Everything starts with a seed, and a few things are as fulfilling as watching something grow. Surrounding yourself with greenery – outside as well as inside – brings joy in all the shapes, colors, and textures of nature and adds a refreshing dynamic.

Get ready to welcome the golden hues, feel the leaves crunching at your feet, sip a lot of hot lattes and sport your comfiest sweater. Autumn is here and we could not be more excited. Novelties from Ferm Living / Autumn – Winter 2019 collection will soon be available at GIR Store, Trešnjinog cveta 5,Belgrade.