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From Monday 15th of July, discover the latest arrivals of Ferm Living exclusively at the GIR Store!

The new collection takes us on a tour around the Ferm LIVING home. Their vision is of a space that’s warm, inviting, comfortable and cocooning. This is one of their most ‘on trend’ collections yet – there are retro influences and Seventies inspiration, eclectic objects and a bit of kitsch, curved furniture and rounded shapes, even a bit of Maximalism, though always presented in a considered, thoughtful way. It’s challenging the viewpoint that Scandinavian interiors are clean, minimalist white boxes. The images here have been shot in a beautiful, wood-paneled home that juxtaposes a vintage style with the contemporary Ferm LIVING designs. Let’s have a look around!

Ripple Collection in Smoked Grey

The Smoked Grey Ripple Glasses from Ferm Living channel a sophisticated feel with the unique rippled surface of the mouth-blown glasses. Their vertical ripples add a strong and sophisticated look and the varied geometric shapes create dynamic and energy between the reeded glasses and function as a stackable design element. Pair them with the matching carafe for a stylish set at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Hourglass Pots

As a grand gesture to your home and plants, the Hourglass Pot gives your plants an elevated stand and roomy container in which to spread their roots. You can use the pot both ways according to the plant’s needs, and no matter which way you turn it you are sure to make a voluminous statement. The pots are made of metal with a matte finish and have been treated to be suitable for outdoor use.

new collection

‘A good home to me may as well be the opposite to you. A home is personal, it is a collection of memories and the base for making new ones. A home is a dynamic and an ever-changing concept. And exploring the journey of making a home is the focal point of our Spring/Summer ’19 collection,’ says Trine Andersen, founder and Creative Director of ferm LIVING

Way Series

Rugs, cushions, and mats made from plastic may not initially sound like you get textiles with a soft, lovely touch and feel. But the Way series won’t leave you longing for virgin wool. Not only is it practical, easily cleaned, and suitable for outdoor use, it also feels just as lovely as any other rug that comes your way.

Turning plastic bottles into yarn, from which you can weave a series like Way, has five steps: Collecting bottles, crushing bottles and compressing them into compact entities, converting the compressed bottles into small chips, processing the chips in carding machines, and finally, you have a material you can spin into yarns.

Shay Quilt Cushions

Perfectly balancing the classic and trends, the familiar and something new, the Shay series of patchwork textiles presents beautiful cushions with artful use of collages and color blocking. A lovely pop of colour to update a sofa or revive your favourite armchair. The case is made of 100 % organic cotton.

Hale Tea Towels

Made in a lovely quality of natural linen and cotton, the Hale series of yarn-dyed tea towels allows for a lush mix of colours in your kitchen. In the six various designs, tradition merges with the contemporary and lets you pair the colours to suit any mood or setting.

How do you like this news from Ferm Living? This collection will be available soon at GIR Store, Trešnjinog cveta 5, Belgrade.