GIR Guide for Home Offices

We live in modern times, where working remotely is the reality of our lives, not the luxury of an individual. If there was a time in your life where you worked from home, remotely, or freelanced, you know the possibilities (and limitations) of a home office.

Working at home means you get to decorate your space and create a pleasant working environment that will boost your productivity. Here are some office ideas that are both functional and beautiful!

Let’s start with basics

For your home office, you will need a desk. If you are a fan of smaller working surfaces that will fit right into any space we recommend Ethnicraft’s Verso desk that is suitable for all uses. The desk is made from finest quality oak, while its drawers (available in black and white) are neatly hidden on the inside allowing you extra storage and keeping your space neat and organized. Verso desk is 127cm wide, with tabletop from solid oak 66cm deep so it’s perfect for almost any corner of your study room.

If your are looking for a more sleek and contemporary table, we recommend Ethnicraft’s Blackbird desk that carefully blends together soft round legs with straight almost graphic lines into a table that has an airy form and feels light. The best of all is that the table is also not taking too much space with the tabletop 127cm wide and only 44cm deep. Additional drawers give you extra storage space while keeping the form light and airy.

More traditional version of an office desk with many storage possibilities is Ethnicraft’s Origami desk. With this desk, all mid-century modernism lovers can dive back into the ’60s vibe with just the right amount of retro touch in an office space. Origami desk is made from solid oak and available in three different colors.

Ethnicraft Oak Blackbird desk

Ethnicraft Oak Origami desk

Last but not least, because this story is about giving you ideas on how to create your perfect office space, we must not forget large office spaces. If you are looking to renovate your office space and need a large office space, we also have something for you. Ethnicraft’s U Desk is a “gentle giant” among office desks, but some professions require certain amount of working spaces.

With U Desk you can create your own office corner, and give yourself the space you need to spur your creativity. The U desk is made from solid oak and comes in three sizes from 140cm up to 200cm. For some extra storage space, look no further from Ethnicraft’s Billy Office Boxes that can be placed under the table, next to it, or even in the corner of your office! Easy to move with a lot of storage space, this is the perfect companion to any office table.

We use Ethnicraft’s desks in our offices, so if you want to take a closer look, you are more than welcome to come and visit us and see our own working area.


When we talk about office ideas that are functional and beautiful, we must mention storage space as one of the main concerns when planning to renovate or create from scratch your working area. This is why shelving systems and shelves are really important when it comes to any type of work.

Our recommendations are Ethnicraft’s Wall Shelves in different dimensions that will fit into any space, or if you are looking for a more contemporary look Ethnicraft’s Ribbon shelves or U shelves.


It’s really hard to find an office chair that is both comfortable and designed to respond to the aesthetic of your office room. For all Scandinavian design lovers, we recommend Muuto Fiber Armchair and Side chairs family. Available in different upholstery options.

And the best thing is, on our current Summer Sale, some of these chairs are on a special discount! If you are looking for quality design and impeccable aesthetic, then Muuto’s Fiber Chair Family is your perfect fit.


Proper lighting is necessary for working, and here is our selection of lighting that can help illuminate your working area. We’ve talked earlier about iconic lights and inspirational statement lights so if you are looking to enlighten your living or working area, head out to this story.

Accessories & Stationery

When it comes to creating the perfect working environment that will boost up your productivity, it’s all in the little details. Put a small plant in a vase on your table, add a set of nice coasters, or a new pen holder and create a well designed space that is also functional.

Documents, papers, or a second keyboard can be hidden away in a storage drawer under the table, but what about all those little things that you actually want to display?


GIR Balloon Parade figurines are the perfect choice if you are looking for a designer product to display on your desk. In moments when you need to boost your creativity just try and stack them in different positions and we’re sure a brilliant new idea will emerge! Inspired by the fascinating world of balloons, Bratislav Milenković created for GIR this collection of stackable figurines that give a pop of color to any space.

Muuto Restore Baskets are definitely a way to go if you want to display some items and store them neatly. Available in different colors and dimensions. When it comes to stationery, look no further from iconic Design Letters collection. It includes notebooks, pens, sketch books, calendars and pencil cases with the Arne Jacobsen font from 1937. Some of these products are on our Summer Sale too!

Have you been inspired to redecorate your office space? Browse our full collection of items for offices and get ready to boost your production!