GIR Light Buying Guide

It’s officially Summer, with the longest hours and plenty of natural light coming into your home. But as dusk and evening approaches it’s time to turn on the lights and fill your space with warm light or just enjoy your terrace. Celebrating Summer we present you 10 Days of Muuto Lighting with special discounts available at GIR Store. Sounds enlightening? We think so too!

In this GIR Lighting Guide we’ve gathered all the things you need to know before buying Lighting as this is a crucial segment that will give your home the atmosphere you want it to have.

Consider the Room Size

First of all it’s important to consider the size of the room for which you are buying lighting as the size of the lamp can immensely influence your living space and can take your home design to the next level. Depending on the purpose of the room, you will choose a Railway Lighting, a single lamp with bright indirect light, or use several table and floor lamps to create levels of well-lit space and make the room more cozy. The choice is up to you, but in any case we’ve got you covered with some tips and recommendations! 

Muuto Under The Bell

For large spaces and spaces with tall ceilings, such as office spaces, conference rooms, or just large living rooms, we recommend the spotlight light that will be the focal point of the room. Our recommendation is Muuto Under The Bell Pendant Lamp designed in a material that uses up to 80% recycled PET fibers, the Under The Bell not only brings a tactile and modern expression to any space but also enhances the acoustics of a room through its soft shade, paired with its graphic lines and subtle color palette. It’s on a special discount at GIR Store! 

Muuto E27 Pendant Lights

For spaces that need warm and cozy lighting (and this category is diverse and can include public spaces such as restaurants, outdoor gardens or even your bedroom) we recommend choosing Muuto E27 Pendant Lights – a striking naked bulb that plays with the subtle aesthetics and simplicity of industrial design. The pendant can be used as a single light source, in pairs, rows and clusters to create a modern scandinavian chandelier. Available at GIR Store in different colors with a special discount! 

Now when you’ve measured the room you want to redecorate and know the purpose it’s important to understand what type of lighting you need. 

designers today
Muuto Fluid Pendant Lamp

Three Types of Lighting

Ambient lighting is used as a main source of light in the room and will determine the overall mood. For example, a living room should have a more relaxing tone than a workspace which requires bright indirect light to help you stay focused. Ambient lighting tends to come from recessed lighting or wall-mounted lamps such as the Muuto Lean Wall Lamp that’s useful in hallways, next to a bed or over a sofa. The Lean Wall Lamp provides elegant area lighting. With a slightly leaning body and cupped shade over its LED light, the lamp is both sleek and playful in the tradition of functional Scandinavian lighting. 

Another popular choice for a soft and pleasant lighting is Muuto Fluid Pendant Lamp. Inspired by a resting drop of water, the Fluid Pendant Lamp shows how soft light can diffuse across a space for a cosy atmosphere. The frosted matte surface creates a glowing ambience that fits into any home or casual business setting. Present the design individually or in a group for an intimate atmosphere.

Work Lighting

If you are working in your home office you need a desk lamp and that’s what task lighting is used for! A good desk lamp will usually be adjustable in order to illuminate areas that you need the most to help you carry out tasks. In our 10 Days of Lighting campaign, we thought about work lighting and chose various lamps that will fit your home style perfectly! 

Beam Lamp

Muuto Beam Lamp

Leaf Table Lamp, 70 / 70 Table

Muuto Leaf Lamp

Tip Lamp is a simplistic ja characteristic table lamp which functions as a working light in the office or reading light by the armchair. Thanks to the dimmer and the adjustable light head and body, angle and intensity of the LED light can be adjusted for various different spaces and situations.

Leaf Table Lamp by design duo Broberg & Ridderstråle combines light and elegant design with an energy-efficient LED technology. The shape of the table light is asymmetric and organic which gives it a friendly appearance. Depending on the viewing angle and how the shade is turned, the lamp will transform its shape to create a minimalistic or a leaf-like silhouette in the room. Place the Leaf table lamp, for instance, on a desk, nightstand or bookcase.

Control Table Lamp features a playful design that refers to Hi-Fi equipment and industrial control panels. The minimalist light consists of a simple E27 bulb and knob that Swedish TAF Studio has set on display on a rectangular metal tray. Due to its compact size, the lamp can be placed on nightstands, windowsills, shelves and other narrow settings. Control makes a pleasant decor object and provides an even light that will illuminate dark corners.

Beam Lamp is a versatile table lamp with a modern expression and intuitive user-friendliness. With light shone from both ends of a cylinder shape, the user can choose between three different volumes of light and gradually alter the volume of light emitted in each end through the turn of a playful dial.

jens fager
Muuto Grain Pendant Lamp

Accent lighting is the most decorative type of lighting in the room, it’s used to highlight focal features such as wall art, bookshelves and fireplaces, or even your kitchen counters and dining tables. Creating a pleasant atmosphere and warm lighting that will light your days and nights. Our recommendation for an accent lighting are Under The Bell lighting that we mentioned before, but as it’s meant for large spaces, a more flexible solution would be Muuto Grain Lamp and Unfold Lamp depending on your personal style. 

For the design connoisseurs and minimalist lovers Muuto’s Grain Pendant Light is an attractive combination of minimalistic design and innovative materials. Designed by Jens Fager (you can read more about his design philosophy here), Grain lamp is made of composite and features tiny grains of bamboo fibre, bringing delightful variation to the colour of the shade. Grain comes with a high quality LED light bulb that saves energy and produces warm natural light. What’s more, the rubber cord has the same hue as the shade. Grain is a beautiful pendant light that charms as groups as well as a single lamp.

Muuto Unfold Pendant Lamp

And last but not least, Unfold Muuto Lamp designed by the Swedish design house Form Us With Love, is a modern interpretation of a classic industry lamp. Made of soft but strong silicone rubber, Unfold’s modern shape and materials give the lamp a contemporary and attractive appearance. The soft silicone allows the lamp to be folded into a small space by just pushing it slightly on the top. Unfold is available in a wide range of colours, and it makes a soulful addition to any space alone, in pairs or groups.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and recommendations and don’t forget to stop by at GIR Store where you purchase all above mentioned items with special discounts until the end of this week!