Balloon Parade poster No.1

by Bratislav Milenković for GIR

Balloon Parade Poster-No.1

GIR presents a new collection of designed figurines, created in cooperation with the illustrator Bratislav Milenković. Inspired by the fascinating world of balloons, the Balloon Parade collection reflects the unpredictability of these inventive flying objects that open us new horizons. The three figures, of different geometric shapes, are made of a mass of ash, while the graphic details are hand-painted. Although each balloon has a unique character, it works best together, because the joyful parade of interesting shapes, proportions, and colors bring authenticity to every area they find in it. The collection is complemented by three graphics, which represent different moments and thus unite the unique design and atmosphere.

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Design by:

Bratislav Milenkovic is an illustrator and graphic designer, living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated from the illustration department of the Applied Arts Faculty in Belgrade and worked as an Art Director at Popular Bruketa & Zinic advertising agency – before starting his freelance illustration practice. Often his works are the result of questioning the relationship between typography and illustration. When not working on commissioned assignments, he spends time exploring ways to develop illustrative lettering.

''I am not sure I would be able to list one particular author or piece as an “eternal inspiration”, but anything by Alexander Girard always takes my breath away.''