EX 1 Chair – Teak

by Alain Van Havrelain for Ethnicraft

EX 1 Chair - Teak

EX 1 Chair - Teak

A popular favorite, the EX 1 chair is a timeless design, made of solid oak. Simple and linear design for this chair inspired by elegant Scandinavian style. Perfect for kitchen, dining or living room, EX1-W chair allows to give a refined touch both to classic and modern environments. Practical and versatile, this chair is entirely made of solid oak wood or teak wood, a precious wood characterized by high resistance, hardness and impermeability. Also available in Teak wood version

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Alain van Havre is Ethnicraft’s in-house designer. The complexity of things has always intrigued him, which led him to study product development at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. To him, all design embodies the same duality: the aim is to create a timeless product, yet with a hint to the specific moment in which it is made.

''Wood is the material of the past and the future—it’s an honest and precious material that should be respected. Having almost unlimited possibilities, it could be sculpted, bent, turned and reassembled in almost any shape we can think of. Every day, its boundaries are pushed further. As it is a long-lasting, sustainable material, any design incorporating the material should be timeless but created using techniques that are relevant to the period in which they were made!''