Gabbia Chair

by Djordje Čukanović for Universo Positivo

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Crafted from a singular piece of high quality folded steel and a beautiful curved solid oak seat. The Gabbia Chair was designed to give a unique and contemporary design whilst providing the maximum amount of comfort; achieved through perfectly balanced proportions. A stylish companion to any home.

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Design by:

” Design is not just the aesthetics of the product, but also a whole series of processes, from the initial idea to the final product, and they have to be coordinated from the very beginning. That is why it’s very important that already with the initial idea we have an image of how each element will be made, which machines and tools are required so that the processing of the material can be done in the right way.’’

Đorđe Čukanović is award-winning industrial designer and founder of Chudes studio, multidisciplinary design studio specialized in product design. He works with companies, brands and workshops on small to large projects, developing sophisticated and innovative products, solutions and manufacturing processes, from sketch to final product, ensuring individual approach to every client.