Kotlić Lamp – Wood

by Studio Presek for GIR

Kotlić Lamp - Wood

Kotlić Lamp - Wood

Kotlić lamp is a result of stylization of items from everyday use which have a tripod shape and which are a part of Serbian tradition and culture. This kind of shape is frequently represented in Serbian household items: footstools, hat stands, tripods which hold cooking pots etc. Geometrical simplicity of these items allowed for the minimum of changes and easy applicability to a new item – a lamp. In this case, tripod is the carrying construction of the light bulb which freely hangs in space. The lamp is prefabricated.

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Presek is a multidisciplinary design studio from Belgrade which was founded by architects Miroslava Đorđević and Ksenija Josifović. Their work field involves industrial design of the product, interior design, set design, art direction, packaging design etc. Basis of their design is the simplicity of form, great attention to detail and material selection, as well as the balance in object shaping which comes from different characters but similar taste of the authors. Presek Studio creates with the intention to achieve an ideal harmony between traditional and modern. This duo has received many awards and honours, and has featured in numerous domestic and international publications.