Metal Frame Rack – 3X


Metal Frame Rack - 3X

Metal Frame Rack - 3X

Modular set of shelves, is intended to be the elements that are adaptable to different spaces and purposes. The base of these pieces is made of a light steel construction which is upgraded by different wooden elements such as shelves, lockers and drawers. Modularity of these elements allows for transformations and astonishing structures in the space which can be created by the user himself, while the nuances and the texture of the wood determine the character of the composition itself.

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Studio AUTORI was founded by Dijana Novaković, Maja Trbović, Aleksandra Nikitin and Dušan Nenadović in Belgrade, in 2008, after they worked together while they were students of architecture. The work of the studio involves different projects from the fields of architecture, interior design and furniture design. The Authors are a younger generation of architects and currently one of the most sought after studios in Belgrade. They carried out the design of numerous interiors for renowned Belgrade nightclubs, business and commercial spaces, coffee-shops. Their creations are present in all relevant architectural and designer publications. Studio AUTORI is responsible for the interior design of the GIR concept store.