Naked Candelholder

by Søren Refsgaard for Stelton

Naked Candelholder - Black

Naked Candelholder - Black

The elegant Naked candleholder is designed by Søren Refsgaard for the Danish brand Stelton. The candleholder is made of cast iron and silicone with a design inspired by the cropped, naked trees of the winter that stands deeply rooted year after year. The candleholder cast beautiful shadows when it’s lit and is a lovely tribute to the Nordic nature, place it on the dining table and combine it with other decorative items from Stelton!

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Design by:

Søren Refsgaard is a Danish designer who founded his own company in Copenhagen in 2003. His design style is influenced by Scandinavian simplicity and often has a humorous edge. Søren Refsgaard’s clean design style is often characterized by a humorous twist.

"Simplicity and functionality are the essence of good design. Every detail needs to be essential to the design, so all aspects of the design are examined and justified before a product is put into production”.