Oak Bok Cowork desk- CEE 7/3

by Alain Van Havre for Ethnicraft


bok cowork desk

The Bok cowork desk by Alain van Havre is absolutely perfect for a coworking space. Its wider design allows two people to sit opposite each other with plenty of room for both. Three sets of power outlets are integrated in the design. Once you’re done, you can tap the outlets right back into the table – flush with the sleek surface. Made from solid oak.

3 sets of 2 electric sockets and 1 USB
TÜV certified
Compliant with EU directives
CEE7/3 – 230V, 16A

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Design by:

Alain van Havre is Ethnicraft’s in-house designer. The complexity of things has always intrigued him, which led him to study product development at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. To him, all design embodies the same duality: the aim is to create a timeless product, yet with a hint to the specific moment in which it is made.

” Wood is a living material. Even after being cut, solid wood continues to live and evolve. Every single piece of wood is unique and has to be considered as such. Solid wood has had a long life before it is made into furniture. Every panel wears the scars of growth. As I see it, the wood is an ideal canvas that allows the material to take on unique characteristics through a natural aging process.”