Personal Porcelain Cup (A – Z)

by Arne Jacobsen for Design Letters

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Personal Porcelain Cup - A

Personal Porcelain Cup - A

The Porcelain Cups by Design Letters with the abbreviation AJ represent the creator of this typography: The designer Arne Jacobsen. The cups are made of high class fine bone china porcelain and suitable to equip the kitchen, the dinner table or as a decorative item on desks, in the bathroom or other places. Write small messages with the cups from A to Z or add modern touches in black and white. The typography series allows you to write your own “home stories” with cups, plates and home textiles.

Personal porcelain cup in Fine Bone China. Available in A-Z. Use it for warm/cold drinks, pencils, flowers, your toothbrush and many other things. Wooden lids, Flower holder insert and Candle holder insert available as extra accessories for the porcelain cups.

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