Pocket Organizers

by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

- 40%
Pocket Organizer - Light Grey

Pocket Organizer - Light Grey

Pocket is a versatile and decorative wall storage tray, which has been made by the designer Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen. The simple, sound silhouette offers a friendly and inviting appearance to it.

Pocket Organizer from Normann Copenhagen feels comfortable wherever you need a little more furniture for storage purposes. Like a shirt pocket with all kinds of items in it. This image inspired Simon Legald for his design. The protrusion to the front, the flat opening at the top and the rounded base obviously refer to a bag. Pocket is fixed with a movable hanger for the wall and it can therefore easily be cleaned.

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Pocket organizers come in three different sizes -
Pocket organizer 4 - H: 19 x L: 28 x D: 8,8 cm - Price with 40% discount 2520.00RSD
Pocket Organizer 3 - H: 14 x L: 10 x D: 7,3 cm - Price with 40% discount 1500.00RSD
Pocket Organizer 2 - H: 10 x L: 13 x D: 5,4 cm - Price with 40% discount 1500.00RSD