Single Bedding

by Peggy van Neer & Erik van Loo for Snurk

A favourite for all little (and not so little) girls and boys. This soft duvet cover by the brand Snurk with lifelike print is the perfect addition and decoration to any kids room. The beautiful print is crisply displayed on the white cotton.

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It had always been an idea in the back of her head: a duvet cover with a print of cardboard boxes. Especially made for charity. In 2007, advertising professional Peggy decided to execute on the idea. Together with her partner Erik she created Le-Clochard and Le-Trottoir. A duvet cover and fitted sheet that look like a cardboard box and a sidewalk. Most profits of these two special designs went to a charity organization supporting homeless youngsters in the Netherlands: 'Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland'. Supplies sold out in no-time.
Today, people from Amsterdam to Australia are sleeping under a SNURK design. The brand is sold in over 500 stores.