Soap Bubbles I

by Lidija Delić for GIR

Lidija Delić, Soap Bubbles I

"The first impression given out by Lidija Delić’s series of paintings on aluminium can be seen as entering the field of abstraction. However, the choice of colour and surface, together with the structure of the painting and setting lead us to pursue their meaning elsewhere. The artist invites us to dive into the painting, seduces us with pieces of hidden celestial landscapes, while confronting us with an almost chemically artificial purple colour that gently transforms into a pastel tone. In certain parts of the painting, the cold aluminium silver resurfaces as a sort of a mirror that ridicules us. The artist titles the work Soap Bubbles with a hint of humour as to suggest the direct source of inspiration. Positioned on tables, so that the surface is able to reflect the changes of the light in the room, the paintings pull us into an observation game of light reflection, colour and the search for a form that escapes us." - Maja Pekić

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