Value – Mario Kolarić

by Mario Kolarić for GIR Art

Mario Kolarić - Value

Mario Kolarić - Value

Besides working on our annual exhibition program, in 2018 we joined forces with Kulturforum ODKR and organized a competition for GIR Art Print Collection. Mario Kolarić was the winner of our Vrednost. For Mario, Value is in most cases, subjective and something that is constantly changing, vibrating depending on the observer or the situation. His work is a modest attempt to create a graphic record of that concept in geometric and amorphous shapes.

Mario Kolarić’s work titled “Value” is printed in silkscreen technique in edition of 100, signed and numbered. Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm

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Mario Kolaric is a visual artist, born 1984. in Belgrade, raised in Osijek, graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and living and working in Belgrade. He works in a field of drawing, objects and installations, by creating an abstract narrative through simple visual elements.

I love drawing and in my case, it often lasts for days. I try to create a small space/time during my work in which I can switch from drawing to reading and writing various thoughts in a small notebook. From this, I draw the next step in my work.