Value – Stefan Jovanović

by Stefan Jovanović for GIR Art Prnt

Stefan Jovanovic - Value

Besides working on our annual exhibition program, in 2018 we joined forces with Kulturforum ODKR and organized a competition for GIR Art Print Collection. Stefan Jovanović won second prize who is equally shared among artists: Dragana Krtinić, Valentina Brković, Vesna Pešić, Jovan Mikonjić, Lovers, Mihailo Prostran.

Stefan Jovanović’s work titled “Value” is printed in silkscreen technique in edition of 50. Signed and numbered. Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm.

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Stefan Jovanović is a visual artist born in Sombor. He finished his bachelor studies of new media and master studies of graphics at the Academy of Arts, Novi Sad. He works with photography, collages and graphics. So far, Stefan Jovanović has exhibited in five independent and over twenty group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad.

For Stefan Jovanović, Value is a process and a journey of rethinking how analog and digital surroundings can change the visual language. The base for this awarded collage were analog photographs and the value of analog photography as a medium. He selected several photographs and digitally collaged them, and later on he handprinted the outcome on a press machine. The journey continued with the collage being scanned again to turn it into digital print. With this process, the artwork's journey kept shifting from analog to digital - and is finally present as a silkscreen print for our GIR Art Print collection.