Value – Valentina Brković

by Valentina Brković for GIR Art Print

Valentina Brkić - Value

Valentina Brkovic - Value

Besides working on our annual exhibition program, in 2018 we joined forces with Kulturforum ODKR and organized a competition for GIR Art Print Collection. Valentina Brković won the second prize who is equally shared among artists: Dragana Krtinić, Vesna Pešić, Jovan Mikonjić, Lovers, Mihailo Prostran, Stefan Jovanović.

Valentina Brković’s work titled “Value” is printed in silkscreen technique in edition 50, signed and numbered. Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm.

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Design by:

Valentina Brković is a Belgrade-based multidisciplinary designer, currently working on multiple projects in the field of illustration, branding and UI/UX design. Creating conceptually-driven, bold and good looking visuals.

Valentina Brković found inspiration in the work of Renaissance master Titian and his famous painting "Diana and Actaeon". The painting's artistic Value is something (un)measurable - the extraordinary skill and technique, theme, and aesthetic make it one of the most valuable artworks in Art History. For her, the above-mentioned qualities also describe our brand. For our competition, she interpreted the original artwork in her own way, using the minimalistic technique and soft pastel colors that remind her of GIR Store.