Holiday Season at GIR Store

Holidays are just around the corner, and we know that it’s a special time, not because of the gifts, fancy table setting, nicely decorated Christmas tree, but because you will get to spend more time with the ones you love, reminiscing the past year and creating memories for the years to come. 

In winter, with the Sun that greets us occasionally, it can get pretty cold outside and our surroundings turn into a unified palette of grey. It’s no wonder that we turn to the inside and ourselves to create the perfect warm and cozy atmosphere. The scents of candles, cinnamon, and a hot beverage is a must to go through this dark season.

To us at GIR Store, Christmas is not just a season, it’s an overall feeling of togetherness, coziness and a mood. So, as every year, we are sharing with you our version of Christmas. 

Last year, we’ve focused more on the tips on how to decorate your dining table and set the mood for every room, and this year we are all about the subtle smells, the warm feeling of holding a glass of hot beverage, snuggling up in your favorite blanket. It’s coffee and tea time at GIR Store!

We’ve decorated our Klin table in Walnut that we presented for the first time at the 57th. Belgrade Furniture Fair with subtle yet effective decorations including candles and twinkling treats that will be the light of this dark season. As the properties of walnut wood are so delicate and special, we decided to keep it uncovered, but if you are using the table for a dinner party, a table cloth is a clever idea to prevent any possible spills. 

For our main entrance table, we decided to go with an extendable version of the Slice dining table, as with Holidays, the more people gather the merrier. A bench is also a good seating option as it will allow more people to join in. 

Holiday Season
Holiday Season

For our table setting, we used Ferm Living Still mugs that will make you enjoy the moment, forming a lovely match to Ferm Living’s Still Teapot. Apart from that, for all the coffee lovers and espresso connoisseurs, we used Ferm Living’s Ripple collection in Smoked Gray, as it goes well with Stelton’s Coffee collection.

As our main theme, we combined traditionally festive hues of berry red and green, with a hint of beige to create the classic Christmas Look. We decorated the tables with natural foliage and glassware.

To balance out the entire set we used Ferm Living’s Hale Tea Towels in green that carefully merges traditional and contemporary settings.

Christmas is not Christmas without a Christmas Tree! Like last year, we decided to go with simple lights and decorations from Ferm Living. We decided to blend the elements of classic and modern and create, what is for us, a perfect cozy Christmas. 

At GIR Store, you can find some inspirations, as well as presents for your loved ones. The only thing left is to pour the hot coffee and tea, serve the dessert and for us to wish you Happy Holidays! 

All the best,
GIR Team