Home Rituals

These days, it’s really important to stay at home and practice social distancing for ourselves and for the ones we love. All health experts are advising that staying at home is the best way to flatten the curve and fight the pandemic. In reality, it means that we are working from home, and staying in – which we know can be hard and lonely sometimes. That’s why we believe it’s important to maintain your regular home rituals and routines as much as possible. We can use this time to find new hobbies and new ways to express our creativity. We recommend that you look curiously around the room you are in. Now is the time to see what was invisible and redesign something that will bring more balance and a sense of tranquility in your home. It’s time to focus on your home rituals.  

Living Room

When it comes to home rituals, the living room is the focal point of your daily routine. Sitting on a couch reading a favorite book, streaming your favorite TV-Show, or doing Yoga at home, this is the room where you will be spending most of your time. Think about what would make the room feel more warm and comfortable. Maybe you should try moving the furniture around to create another point of view? Repaint the room into a brighter color to create a sense of more light? Buy some plants to revive the space? Make a to-do list. 

You can start with simple things. Is it time to finally replace that sofa that makes your back hurt and never seems to feel comfortable enough. Are the height and the size of your coffee table really a fit with your current layout? Do you have enough storage room for all the small accessories that can make the space feel cluttered and messy?

Ferm Living Bau Pot

Home Office

Due to the proclamation of declaring a state of National Emergency, most companies decided that, if possible, send their teams to work from home, as a protective measure. Part of our team is also working remotely. So, if working from home isn’t your ordinary situation, at first it may seem like you are out of place. Running to the kitchen to grab some lunch while on a conference call with your team might seem ok at first, but the clutter and living/working in the same room can take its toll. 

Lands Collection

Here are some small accessories that can make your living and working space more comfortable and help you become more efficient.

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Muuto Compile Bookends


People with pets know how extremely happy they are with us at home, and it’s the same thing with our kitchens and cooking recipes that we always wanted to try but never had the time. Now finally you can spend your lunch break by actually making your lunch and not ordering in. And while the house is filling up with nice smells of that homemade pie in the oven, it’s time to rethink what you use in the kitchen. New silverware and cooking pots, bread boxes and coffee makers sound like a good idea now when we are actually seeing the full potential of our kitchens. 

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A bedroom should always be a sanctuary made for goodnight’s sleep independent of the current situation, so we recommend decluttering your space, buying a new mattress and (or) bed to achieve that. New sheets would also change the look and feel of the room as well as your quality of sleep.  

Photo credits: Heather Beerman featuring Ethnicraft Spindle Bed


Even if it’s recommended to stay in our home, sometimes it can’t be avoided as we must go with our lives, (maybe go to work, or just go to get groceries). Upon returning to our homes it’s essential to wash our hands (and also wash them frequently) for at least 20seconds or longer with soap and lukewarm water. Soap dispensers and bathroom accessories can come pretty handy in making your life easier. 

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Menu Phold Container

Menu Toilet Paper Holder

Kids corner

For our youngest, the same rules apply and they should under no circumstances leave homes other than the necessary. Some adults can actually appreciate this time to try to find new creative ways of expressing themselves with a new hobby or making dinner for the family, but our youngest will most definitely be bored with schools and kindergartens closed. It’s important to keep their minds occupied with something of their interest – perhaps a new game you invented for them. You can also try including them as little chefs in the kitchen helping you make cookies or play dough in different shapes and colors that could be just for their fun to play with. There are no limitations when it comes to kids’ imagination so just go along with it and you may even find yourselves enchanted. 

Ferm Living Kelim Rugs

We hope you are doing the very best to follow all instructions declared by national health services, and in that maybe you will find something for yourself to make your home rituals special for today and for tomorrow.