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“Lighting design is a process. Specifically, it is the process of integrating light into the fabric of the architecture.”

We may not be aware of it, but light plays a key role in the design of a visual environment. Work and movement are only possible when there is light, and lighting is an important factor on how we perceive our environment, influencing the way we feel and react to a certain space. Lighting is really the means that can help you express the character of space.

Well-designed lighting helps make a home more comfortable.

Include lighting in your interior design from the very beginning. Too many learn the hard way that the placement of points of light should have been considered at the same time as the placement of the dining table and couch. There is a whole science behind which lamp, which lightbulb and what kind of light you should choose when picking the right atmosphere for your home. For example, to avoid having a bland and a boring room, it’s important to create texture and depth. By having multiple light sources at different levels, you can create areas that are well lit and have soft shadows drawing the eye naturally to the lit area. This can help you emphasize the room’s focal point, whether it’s an artwork on the wall, a dining table or an ornament on the shelf.

Fluid Lamp by Muuto

Create a basic light level with general lights that complement natural light. The luminosity should be sufficient for cleaning. Use light indirectly – either dimmable lamps or lamps that reflect light through the ceilings and walls. This way, the amount of light can be adjusted for different needs and for different times of the day and year. Then choose lamps for certain place-specific activities, like above the dining table and on the nightstand. Put finishing touches using atmospheric lamps that make the space interesting.

“Light makes an apartment a home”

The design of the Cinétique light is as rigorous as the technical side, calling on an articulated counterbalance system which makes possible a multiplicity of positions and orientations of the light source. In fact, this is just as much a floor lamp as a reading light, providing both general indirect lighting (by angling the shade towards a wall or ceiling) and directional light above a settee, reading armchair or table.


Cinétique light


Cinétique lamp

Many think that in good lighting, the whole space is evenly illuminated from top-down using things like target lamps embedded into the ceiling. Lamps that fulfill different lighting functions create more interesting and calmer results. General lighting should be implemented indirectly through surfaces, but highlighted details should also be illuminated directly. Always remember to check how the lamp can be adjusted.

Beam Lamp is a versatile table lamp with a modern expression and intuitive user-friend-lines. With light omitted from both ends of a cylinder shape, the user can alter the volume of light in each end trough the turn of a play-full dial. The Beam Lamp can be altered for any position with its rotational base and sleek body of anodized aluminum, whether it be as direct lighting or form an ambient glow in any home, offices, hotel room and educational areas.

People often want bedroom lighting to be sophisticated rather than luminous. You should find out if the bulb can be changed, can it be dimmed and can the color temperature be changed. Table lamps may have LED modules that can look surprisingly bright at home. Their luminosity and color temperature can’t always be adjusted. A nightstand light could be funny and made out of a surprising material, that pleasantly work particularly well in a sleeping area.

The JWDA table lamp by Menu is a delightful, elegant and compact luminaire that features a brass or concrete base, round opal glass shade and knob that functions as a switch and a dimmer. Designed by Jonas Wagell, the contemporary table lamp was inspired by the ambience of traditional oil lamps. JWDA provides soft illumination for any space, and it makes a perfect addition on your sofa table or nightstand.


JDWA lamp with concrete base


JDWA lamp with brass base

Sometimes, less is more. The simplicity of the naked bulb is hard to compete with. It stands for something that feels romantic and contemporary at the same time. In this case, a single naked bulb that plays with subtle aesthetics and simplicity of industrial design, E27 has become a Muuto icon. The E27 Pendant Lamp is a flexible pendant light equally suitable for informal and formal interiors. As an individual light source it looks great suspended above a desk or loose on a shelf. The personality of the fixture changes with different cord and socket colors, perfectly blending in to any type of design scheme. The twinkling lamps are larger than your average bulb, amping up the minimalistic profile with a rounded glass globe that can stand alone or be strung together in clusters. As a cluster of bulbs it can become a modern take on a chandelier, making a stunning feature above a dining table.


The silicone rubber finish and color options match the Muuto Unfold pendant lights. Consider matching the two together in the same room. 

Unfold Lamps

A single pendant light in the middle of the room illuminates the center but darkens the walls drawing attention away from them. If you live in a small apartment and want to create a feeling of a bigger space, you will need to illuminate the walls with the brightest light and have the entire room visible, possibly with a few light reflections that will give you an overall feeling of bright and big space.

Ambit lamp by Muuto is a classic pendant lamp that is versatile in use. It is a timeless pendant, which never becomes boring. The lampshade is made of a lightweight spun material and the dual-tone, with the inner white, adds a delicate contrast. Ambit pendant light comes in a selection of beautiful hand painted colours that create a pleasant contrast with the shade’s white interior and shines, especially, as a light above a dining or coffee table.

When selecting the lighting for your home keep in mind these types of lighting that designers layer into all interior spaces. Accurate combinations of lighting resources can completely change the experience and ambiance of your home. The most important element in lighting design is to ensure that you consider it thoroughly and create a balanced scheme, that takes in consideration the room’s purpose, your personal style and the effect you want to achieve.

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