Lands Collection

As a brand, we’ve worked very hard to present to you our new collections of furniture – a collaboration with ETAR studio, Curve collection by Aspekt Studio and Lands collection designed by Carlos Jiménez for GIR. We are excited to bring our vision closer to the public, and happy that you will be able to, closely and with full detail, meet the GIR world at the 57th. Belgrade Furniture Fair!

Last year, GIR won the Best Decorative Home Furnishing Award with Balloon Parade, and this year will be all about Lands!

This is the story behind Lands wooden trays.

“I have taken a plane many times, however, flying is always an exciting experience for me. Being in my seat and seeing how, as if by magic, the plane takes off and with every second things seem smaller down there. And I feel how, after many years, I keep looking down out of the window as when I was a child. Already from the air, I start seeing the roads, villages, fields, mountains… And finally, just clouds. From this experience, the Lands collection was born. A collection of wood trays inspired by aerial landscapes. ” – Carlos Jiménez

As Spanish designer Carlos Jiménez said, the collection of these wooden trays is inspired by aerial landscapes. You can choose from a variety of sizes and create your signature piece that can be used for almost anything. Versatile and minimal design at its best – these wooden trays are also very functional and practical. You can put them on your office table and keep your small belongings on display, safe and neatly stored, or you can just play with them and rearrange it in your favorite combination. Trays are made from solid wood (available in Ash and Walnut) and sold separately to ensure a maximum number of combinations.

Carlos Jiménez is a designer from Almeria, Spain. His passion for art and design, combined with the love for Scandinavian design made him a perfect choice for our collaboration.

“Born on the Mediterranean coast. Fell in love with the Scandinavian design. I always try to combine both styles through materials and shapes into new products.”

Carlos Jiménez’s work methodology is flexible, and his research phase is always based on user’s needs and how they will be related to different factors such as culture, society, market, technology, production…

We believe this is important in the design process because it gives a strong foundation where the project will grow on.

Lands collection of wooden trays are available at GIR Store, and once again we invite you to join us at the 57th. Belgrade Furniture Fair (Hall 3). See you there!