Learn from games: Kids home learning

As schools across the nation close, millions of kids are obliged to remain at home. During this time, it is helpful for parents to consider their child’s needs for structure, education, exercise, social contact, appropriate leisure time, and calm, rational explanations about the situation.

Children may consider this time to be similar to long school breaks or summer vacation, but it is not exactly the same. 

Unlike summer vacation, this break is sudden and unplanned, and the time away from school has not been specified. This can be difficult for children to understand. In general, people don’t do well when they are unsure about the future, even in an area as simple as the schedule.

Set Regular Bedtimes and Wake-Ups

After perhaps the first few days, have your child or teen follow the usual school day–weekend day sleep schedule. It is best to have a regular wake-up time and bedtime that is the same as the schedule you set when they are attending school, since it can be hard to get back on track, especially if kids get into a late-to-bed, late-to-rise schedule.

Snurk, Bedding set
Getting the kids to bed can be a challenge (ahem, understatement of the century). After all, how can a plain old bed compete with all the toys you can play with while awake? Let the countdown begin. Underneath these sheets you will dream far beyond the stars. Because the astronaut suit that’s on there, is real. It’s not from the costume shop around the corner, but from the Space Expo Museum in Holland. So lie down, close your eyes and feel gravity decrease instantly. Houston, we have lift off!  All that’s missing is a set of glow-in-the-dark star stickers on the ceiling.
Finally a duvet cover that shows the world what you truly are : a beautiful princess. Go ahead ans doze off, dream of your prince charming on a white horse. But first make sure you are lying perfect underneath your diamond tiara. What a sleeping beauty!

Ferm Living, Kids’s lamps
Kids’ lamps add gentle light and imaginative ambience to the children’s room. We have picked a versatile collection of children’s lamps ranging from delightful table lamps to ceiling lights and wall lamps. Discover the joyful kids’ lamps by Ferm Living,
Let children read, play and dream under the soft light of this decorative hot Air balloon lamp. Crafted from oak veneer painted in pretty grey this laser-cut design is an uplifting addition to every child’s bedroom or playroom.
The Cactus wall lamp evokes the atmosphere of the desert and Wild West. It is an exciting interior design element for a children’s room and a delight even when turned off. A perforated oak veneer shade creates a pleasant, soft light for playtime and reading.

Establish a School Day Educational Schedule

Millions of children face school closure and isolation in their own home. School isn’t the only place for learning activities. When your child’s at home, you’re their teacher. But everything doesn’t have to feel like a classroom lesson. Get your kids excited about discovering something new by disguising the learning activities as fun time. Try these engaging and effective activities that you can do at home. Put learning in motion by playing games that get your kids moving while learning about a variety of subjects. For preschoolers, start with a basic game that helps him learn farm animals, numbers, colors (create a hue scavenger hunt!), and shapes. Adapt the game for school-age children to cover anatomy, world government, foreign language, and history.

Safari puzzle
The Ferm Living Safari puzzle will entertain your little ones and teach them about life on a Safari. The wood puzzle features wild animals and is part of Ferm Living Kids Safari series. The durable puzzle is a great way of training their coordination while the subtle colours and natural wood add a stylish touch to your home.

Ferm Living Blue Striped Tent
Ferm Living play tents in mustard with thin stripes or blue thin striped are the perfect hideaway for your little explorer as well as being super stylish. Create a hideaway for your little ones this decorative play tent in mustard with thin stripes. Cotton suspended from a wooden frame creates a sheltered spot for children to play, read and relax – and windows feature roll-down blinds for extra privacy. The handy foldaway design can be transported and stored with ease.

Playing with colours

If you are hesitant about painting walls, children drawings are an easy way to brighten up a children’s room. With their cheerful colours and playful design, children drawings will delight the youngest family members.

Choose a couple of drawing posters or put together a collage that covers the entire wall.

‘’Add a splash of colour to your children’s artistic activities with these neon crayons by Design Letters.’’

Slefridges Says

Color Crayons by Design Letters
With the crayons from the Arne Jacobsen collection by Design Letters, children playfully learn the alphabet while drawing and colouring. This set includes 15 crayons, all in modern colours, decorated with the complete alphabet from A-Z. You can play and learn the alphabet at the same time as using the crayons, they are perfect for children and adults who just love the iconic design reference! The pencils are delivered in a practical pencil holder box for easy storage. 

Color Crayons
Color Crayons

It’s lunch time!

Children’s mealtimes can be challenging – but cheerful dishes can make eating seem like child’s play. Eat & Learn melamine plates by Design Letters encourage the child to learn new while eating – the plates are decorated with alphabet letters designed by Arne Jacobsen.

Who says mealtime has to be boring or a struggle? With the Design Letters Alphabet Melamine Cutlery set, eating can become fun and easy.

For mealtimes Tableware by Design Letters
Specifically created for children, this cutlery set is perfect for hungry little ones.  Made from melamine, the set is safe for soft mouths and easy for small hands to hold. Of course, should those hands let go, you needn’t worry. The durability of melamine makes these pieces resilient. Including four essential pieces, the Design Letters Alphabet Cutlery set features a fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon. All of which are child-friendly.   
This iconic typography was designed by renowned Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen.  As well as being stylish and fun, the Design Letters Cutlery set is also education and can be used to help teach your child the alphabet. 

Kids Melamine Letter Cups

Kids need cosiness and security

More than ever, kids need to feel safe and loved. When you are alone in home, your best friends are toys. Stuffed toys filling their world with warmth and give the colours to their emotions. They all live close and accompany us from the first days of life. 

There are so many reasons to rejoice and be happy, and much more to say Dragička.

Dragička toys are soulful and funny characters with real faces. Being handmade from natural materials they will become true friends to your children, and they will add comfort to your home. Dragička handmade toys are special, each of them is different from the others. They carry something more important than manufactured functionality – they keep their thoughts, they exude emotions and without any exaggeration, they communicate well with the world around them.

Our desire is that every child, either little or big, has a really special toy, one of the only ones in the whole world, the one that initiates the story and the image.

Get your kids excited about discovering something new by disguising the learning activities as fun time. We hope you enjoyed our choices and some recommendations will help you create more fun and creative time to your family. Stay safe, stay at home! 🤎