Menu 2020 Collection

MENU 2020 collection is dedicated to our relationships with spaces. Spaces as the epitome that unites our worlds through design. The concept of Connected Spaces is revolving around the opportunities to create multi-functional environments that are based on our needs. Workplaces that make us feel right at home, homes with all the refinements of boutique hotels, cafes, shops, restaurants that feel curated to our desires. MENU’s new collection is a testimony to the future of design. 

By connecting the dots between home, work and hospitality, we can redefine how we use space – and, ultimately, how we connect to one another. Designing ideal spaces is a journey. There is no roadmap. But on the following pages, you will find a few of MENU’s ideas for giving spaces meaning and creating a sense of belonging.

Here are some of our favorite pieces from Menu 2020 Collection

  • Harbour Collection 

Striking the perfect balance between geometric and organic shapes, the contoured curves of the collection’s seating offers maximum support, enveloping the body in its slender shell. Offering the type of sitting experience that energizes you in the morning, helps you plug in during the day and invites you to unwind in the evening, the Harbour Chair effortlessly conforms to any setting, becoming instantly at home in a kitchen or office, private dining room or bustling café – and making sure you feel the same. Likewise, the Harbour Lounge Chair is offered with a solid wood base and molded foam shell for superior seating comfort.

  • Afteroom Collection

A study of the unity between functionalism and minimalism, the Afteroom Collection looks to the simple, geometric lines of the Bauhaus design movement to create furniture and interior objects pared back to their purest forms. The Afteroom Dining Chair was MENU’s first foray into the world of chair design. Given our Scandinavian heritage in iconic chair design, we knew from the start that this chair needed to be special. Stripped of all superfluous details to reveal a chair in its most simplistic form, the chair pays homage to Bauhaus and functionalism with a design that combines minimalistic clean lines with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, without compromising comfort. The addition of a plywood version creates a new expression in the now-classic series.

  • Co Chair Collection

Drawing on The Office Group’s extensive knowledge of workplace needs, Menu’s Co-Chair Collection pairs a lightweight, sleek profile with great seating comfort – and the option to stack up to ten chairs in a compact tower. Visually, the contoured form and warm materials of the design bring Norm Architects’ signature, humancentric minimalism to residential and hospitality applications. The versatility of the design is the result of a thoughtful construction and a wide array of materials. With two base options, three veneer finishes and numerous upholstery options to choose from, the collection is easy to customize to the desired expression and experience.

  • Synnes Chair by Falke Svatun

The Synnes Dining Chair is a modern take on the traditional wooden dining chair. Uniquely crafted by pinning a sheet of bent ash or oak wood veneer to the seat with dowels in order to craft the backrest, the procedure creates a structurally strong backrest, while maintaining a light visual expression. It is also available with an upholstered seat that provides a touch of softness without sacrificing its visual authenticity. The seat is available in luxurious upholstery fabrics in a range of beautiful textures and colors. Prices vary according to the selected combination.

  • The Snaregade Collection

The Snaregade Table was originally built for the home of MENU founder Bjarne Hansen to answer the question: what does the founder of a furniture company need in his dining room? He needed a table that was efficient in its use of space, visually light and, of course, sophisticated. It was so well-received that it has been in production ever since. MENU brings personality and intimacy to every piece, and the Snaregade Collection showcases the best of that as it feels customized for every setting.

  • Rail Desk

Looking to the world of architecture and his background in steel working when creating the Rail Desk, Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa explored the way in which we use space and the way in which design elements can be adapted to serve different functions. The neat, precision-made piece in natural or stained oak conveys a sense of serene practicality. With multiple functions – like a desk, counter or shelf to store books hung at any height you choose – it lends itself to almost any setting and fits neatly into living areas as well as bedrooms where space is at a premium. The minimalist steel bracket is inspired by the handrail of a staircase and the wooden platform provides a tactile contrast.

  • Reverse Table Lamp by Aleksandar Lazić

Inspired by the play on the structure created by geometric constraints, the conical travertine base – left raw to let the light highlight its natural imperfections – and bronzed aluminum shade of Reverse define the lamp’s perfectly balanced expression. The light diffuses evenly across the unworked stone, raw in its expression, from its curved shade to reveal shadows and an intriguing color play that appears to stem from the base itself. At precisely the point at which the shade and base meet sits a dimmer switch for adjusting the light intensity. Fitted with a dim-to-warm LED light source, the Reverse Lamp casts a warm light on a bedside table or subdued light on a cabinet surface, making it an elegant and characterful solution to a multitude of lighting needs. Available from Spring in MENU 2020 Collection.

  • Nimbus Mirror

The Nimbus Mirror makes a feature of the negative space surrounding its light-reflecting glass. The compact design was created specifically for smaller spaces, without sacrificing the beauty and function of great design and the need for daily reflection – quite literally. The polished or bronzed brass mirror defines a space with its soothing and sophisticated shape. Available from Spring in MENU 2020 Collection.

  • Walker, Ceiling/Wall Lamp

A true modern classic, Menu Walker Lamp is versioned in two harmonizing designs. One is shaped from polished brass detailed with a black-painted brass shade that punctuates any space to perfection. The light is directed up to a 90-degree angle thanks to the adjustable arm and the lamp can be attached to a wall or ceiling. The second features a luminous opal glass bulb shade that rests on the same characteristic brass mount, designed in an upward-facing position to cast the light 360 degrees. Available from Spring in MENU 2020 collection.

A range of exciting new MENU products are coming your way in 2020 – you can experience them all in the latest MENU Brand Book