Menu Collection 2019

Menu’s new collection is dedicated to our relationships with spaces. Their belief is that our connection to a certain space is not entirely based on the space itself, but the objects we fill it with that create a sense of belonging. Their new collection of furniture is functional, minimal and beautifully designed to bring a sense of calm and joy to our gathering places. MENU’s goal is to create a feeling we crave in this modern world – and a feeling good design can nurture in every setting.

Great spaces are more than the sum of their parts; more than just functional, convenient, and beautiful. They host the daily moments that define our stories and contain them indefinitely, feeding our memories, our eyes, and our most basic needs.


Furniture informs us of a room’s purpose, yet can also push the boundaries of what we can experience in a given space or moment. The stackable Co Chair brings a rare elegance and lightness – not to mention comfort and versatility – to a seating category typically more focused on function than form.

Drawing on The Office Group’s extensive knowledge of workplace needs, the Co Chair pairs a lightweight, sleek profile with great seating comfort – and the option to stack up to 10 chairs in a compact tower. Aesthetically, the design’s contoured form and warm materials bring Norm Architects’ signature, human-centered minimalism to residential and hospitality applications.

Comfort also led the design of the backrest, which is positioned and angled for exceptional support. The Co Chair’s slender yet robust Powder Coated steel frame defines the intriguing geometric silhouette – and delivers high durability. Optional veneer armrests add another aesthetic and functional dimension, serving both for extra comfort and for suspending the chair off the floor for easy cleaning. The Co Chair Series is produced in Sweden by experienced craftspeople.

The Tearoom Series from new Menu Collection beckons us to bask in a bit of luxury, elevating relaxation with a surprisingly sculptural, modern and tactile form. Pairing the luxurious feel of full upholstery with a clean silhouette rooted in geometric forms, the Tearoom Series is as appealing to the touch as it is easy on the eyes.

While creating the clean silhouette, Ross took exceptional care to imbue every inch with mood-lifting comfort. Every design element curves gently to ensure that the furniture’s contours complement our own. Beneath the upholstery, a wood and foam construction creates the ideal pairing of sturdiness and lush comfort. Their embracing form, while alluring, stops short of being overly casual. As such, the furniture maintains a clear visual connection to the sculptural 1904 Willow Chair that originally sparked the designer’s imagination.

What is a lounge design, after all, if it doesn’t deliver on the experience you imagine when you get drawn into its sculptural form from afar?

The Harbour Series in Menu collection pairs exceptional comfort with a strong profile. Finding a perfect balance between geometric and organic shapes, the shell’s armrests bend outwards for maximum support, as does its high backrest. The result is enveloping comfort in a slim, elegant form.

The Harbour Chair can be left bare or upholstered, with five base styles in solid oak or powder coated steel, allowing for further personalisation. The low, ergonomic armrests not only enhance comfort, but also allow the chair to be tucked under standard dining tables.

This is a sitting experience that energizes you in the morning, helps you plug-in during the day, and welcomes you to unwind at night. From the kitchen to the office, the private dining room to the bustling café, the Harbour Series is instantly at home and makes sure you feel the same way.

The Knitting Chair is defined by an exposed, triangular construction, a gently curved seat and back ideally pitched for relaxation, and distinctive cut-outs for resting the elbows when reading (or, of course, knitting) the Knitting Chair affirmed Kofod-Larsen’s reputation as a master of proportion and unexpected, sculptural form. It was put into production – but only as a limited edition. Since then, the sophisticated, inventive design has become an increasingly valuable and sought-after collector’s item.

The lounge chair is beautiful from every angle, making it easy to fit into any room layout. And, given the chair’s enveloping comfort, it has a relatively small footprint, making it a match for both compact and more spacious interiors. The newspapers and knitting needles of Kofod- Larsen’s day may have partially given way to smartphones and tablets – but rest assured: the designer’s clever armrests accommodate our modern unwinding just fine, too.


As any good photographer or interior designer will tell you, the right lighting is essential to bringing a space to life. And while the light might not
be the first thing we notice when we enter a room, it not only contributes to our experience of a space: it defines it. It not only guides our sight: it creates ambiance. MENU’s lighting comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. And the continued focus on clean lines and quality materials allows the pieces to enhance – and in many cases transform – any setting, from hotel lobbies to private living rooms.

The new lighting in Menu collection bridges modern good looks and excellent illumination, with several designs incorporating technical advancements that are changing the way we interact with our luminaires.

The Task Pendant brings a sculptural and futuristic beam of light to spaces that call for quiet yet powerful illumination. It can be suspended as a single horizontal line or in dynamic, mobile-like groups – and features the E3 Smart Lighting System, which is easily controlled via an app. The Circular Lamp, soft and organic as it may appear, is also technically savvy, featuring an integrated light sensor and the same E3 Smart Lighting System with an app for controlling light intensity and color temperature. The compact Column Table Lamp meets a different need, offering portable ambience. And the Manhattan-inspired Bank Pendant brings a light-diffusing 1920s form into the modern era, its pairing of mouth-blown glass and aluminum hardware radiating warmth, if not a bit of nostalgia.

Whether you are seeking to create a cozy nook, integrate effective task lighting, or lend great ambience to an entire room, this array of inventive light forms offers something for every space, need and mood.


Small details can make a space feel complete. Elegant, Whimscial, Utilitarian, here’s new Menu Collection of thoughtfully-curated accessories that speak volumes about how a space should function and feel.

A few well-placed, beautiful items – whether functional or decorative – can bring a room to life, giving it meaning and character. MENU’s accessories as well as the whole new Menu collection emphasize the importance of attention to detail.

The small amount of additional effort has an outsize effect; those using the space feel more refined as they revel in the understated luxury. Sometimes, it’s the smallest investment that has the biggest return.

All above mentioned products as well as entire Menu’s new collection will soon be available at GIR Store!