Our Top 5 Muuto Lighting Products

We’ve already gathered up everything You need to know about Lighting when it comes to creating a perfect atmosphere at home in one of our previous Stories. If you haven’t checked it out, now is time! This time we are focusing more on our Top 5 picks of Lighting products from renowned Scandinavian brand Muuto. Check it out!

Striking the right lighting balance, inside and outside your home, can really make a space shine. Not only this, but it can also enhance our wellbeing. Whether it’s a beloved desk lamp lighting your working day or enjoying long summer evenings from ambient outdoor lighting – lighting in all its forms, improves our quality of life. For this reason, we offer you up to 20% off selected favorites from Muuto. 

Nerd Bar Stool
  • Unfold Lamp

Our first pick of the week is Unfold Pendant Lamp that looks and feels amazing! Muuto’s Unfold pendant, designed by the Swedish design house Form Us With Love, is a modern interpretation of a classic industry lamp. Made of soft but strong silicone rubber, Unfold’s modern shape and materials give the lamp a contemporary and attractive appearance. The soft silicone allows the lamp to be folded into a small space by just pushing is slightly on the top. Unfold is available in a wide range of colours, and it makes a soulful addition to any space alone, in pairs or groups.

A quirky take on the industrial pendant lampshade, the Unfold Pendant Lamp is affordable and useful in any home or professional space. Made of soft silicon rubber, the pendant is available in a wide range of colors to brighten any room. Now on 20% discount at GIR Store!

Ambit Rail Lamp, Visu Bar Stool
  • Ambit Pendant/Rail Lamp

Ambit Lamp is a synonym of simplicity and versatility. Available at a Pendant Lamp that can stand on its own or as Pendant Rail Lamp to illuminate your home, you can also choose from variety of colors to match the elegance and style of your home.

Ambit by Muuto is a classic pendant lamp that is versatile in use. The Muuto Ambit lamp is a timeless pendant, which never becomes boring. The lampshade is made of a lightweight spun material and the dual-tone, with the inner white, adds a delicate contrast. Muuto Ambit pendant was designed by TAF Architects and is now on 20% discount at GIR Store!

  • Under The Bell Lamp

The name Under The Bell says it all and best describes this large pendant lamp that’s made from recycled materials and even enhances the acoustic of the room. Ideal for office spaces and high ceilings.

Muuto’s Under the Bell pendant lamp has a large, round shade made of recycled plastic felt. The material absorbs sounds and helps to improve the acoustics of the room, making Under the Bell a perfect luminaire above the dining table and in other spaces where people gather to talk together. Under the Bell collection was designed for Muuto by Iskos-Berlin.

When hung over a table or in an open environment, Under the Bell creates its own space within the bigger space. This way, the lamp embraces and shelters the table and people beneath it – both physically and in a more abstract sense. Available at GIR Store with a special discount!

Control Table Lamp
Control Table Lamp
  • Control Table Lamp

Ideal for workspaces with a hint of industrial style mixed with minimalist aesthetic is how we would describe the Control Table Lamp. Muuto’s Control table lamp features a playful design that refers to Hi-Fi equipment and industrial control panels. The minimalist light consists of a simple E27 bulb and knob that Swedish TAF Studio has set on display on a rectangular metal tray. Due to its compact size, the lamp can be placed on nightstands, windowsills, shelves and other narrow settings. Control makes a pleasant decor object and provides an even light that will illuminate also dark corners. The lamp is available in our Store with 15% discount!

Post Wall Lamp
jens fager
  • Tip Lamp

All your workspace needs. The Tip Lamp by Muuto was designed by Jens Fager in 2017. This is a simplistic and characteristic table lamp which functions as a working light in the office or reading light by the armchair. Thanks to the dimmer and the adjustable light head and body, angle and intensity of the LED light can be adjusted for various different spaces and situations and that’s why it’s on our top 5 list. Available at GIR Store with 15% discount!

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 favorite Muuto Lighting products, and be sure to visit us at GIR Store and take a look at our carefully curated collection of lighting with up to 20% discount until the end of the week!