Production Process Specialist

is a design-oriented furniture manufacturer with over 650 employees. It is a leading exporter of solid wood furniture in Serbia. Itis a manufacturer of furniture for the Ethnicraft and GIR brands. For 17 years GIR products have been exported worldwide in collaboration with a foreign partner and are presented at all relevant global furniture fairs.

Due to the increased workload, we need a colleague in the position of:

Production Process Specialist
Location: Kraljevo

Job description, responsibilities and tasks

  • Manages production
    • Provides continuous production with maximum performance and coordinates required activities.
    • Manages its teams in achieving short and medium-term goals.
    • Adjusts, organizes and manages its resources taking into account attendance and absenteeism.
    • Implements continuous improvement of organization and work methods, in order to focus on greater responsibility and autonomy for better quality, productivity, flexibility, and reactivity.
    • Performs cost optimization tasks and justifies their choice.
    • Develops and evaluates efficiency measures to improve the production and technical processes, while ensuring the implementation of the same standards across all company, respecting all industry standards.

  • Operational activities
    • Provides accurate and prompt communication with and among other departments of the company.
    • Helps and advises its team to understand the reasons for specific activities – helps them understand the problems of their teams and advises on solving techniques.
    • Gives clear instructions to his team in implementing new products or technologies.
    • Engages with the R&D team in the implementation of a new product or technology (project responsible).
    • Promotes recycling, reducing waste treatment costs and reducing environmental impact – for all implemented resources and activities.
    • Defines responsible persons and levels of their responsibility for implementation of processes improvement activities as well as organization and implementation of employee improvement workshops as part of process improvements.

  • Encourages and improves the production system
    • Adjusts production to customer requirements, transforms departments to adapt to new requirements and updates its resources.
    • Adjusts the organization and employee skills to comply with HRD regulations.
    • Improves overall productivity of processes and flows
    • Provides a manufacturing facility with the necessary up-to-date processes and products.
    • Encourages the involvement of all employees in progress (suggestion system, progress plans, LEAN production).
    • Develops, controls and optimizes supplier/customer relationship with supporting departments.

  • Manages production activities
    • Establishes action plans according to the goals of the company and implements them in a consistent manner with his team.
    • Proposes and controls the annual operating budget.
    • In line with the budget, suggests necessary investments, resources, and equipment achieve the goals and takes necessary actions in a number of employees (recruitment, transfer, layoffs).
    • Monitors employee’s performance indicators, sets corrective actions.
    • Conducts annual interviews with team members – proposes promotions, terminates positions.
    • Develops employee skills and suggests necessary training for efficient work.
    • Advises employees on promotion opportunities, supports mobility within their team.
    • Motivates the team in achieving the best possible work results and performance.
    • Provides updated job descriptions according to group processes.

Education and professional qualifications

  • Faculty (Wood technology or Economics).
  • 5+ years of relevant work experience.
  • Excellent knowledge of manufacturing processes in the wood processing industry.
  • Deep knowledge of industrial design.
  • Excellent knowledge and use of ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 quality standards.
  • Outstanding knowledge of LEAN production.
  • Knowledge of Lean production techniques (Value Stream Mapping, Material Flow, 5S, TPM, Logistics Concept, Kanban System, Kaizen Philosophy).
  • Team leadership ability, reactivity, organizational skills and priority management.
  • Skills in various specific areas; cutting, assembly, production management, improvement and / or modification of project management.
  • Willingness and openness to embrace new technologies and processes.
  • Demonstrated management skills in the wood technology industry
  • Flexibility and ability to work in a fast paced, multi-layered environment.
  • Independence, a self-starter with a desire for success.
  • Very good management of people, projects, time and budget
  • English language – advanced level.

Please send us your CV at [email protected] in Serbian, as well as in English (with the subject: for the Production Process Specialist position).
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, and we would like to thank everyone for the extra time and desire to be part of our innovative team.