Ready Made Curtains by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

We all have windows and so if you’ve ever needed to cover them then you know well the process that can come with finding the right fabric in the right size, and the right color. It’s not always as simple as you thought. Then there’s finding the right fixtures for hanging the curtains. Chances are you also have different sized windows throughout your space so each one might require a unique solution.

Finally! A product that solves the real challenge of a little explored area in residential and commercial interiors – the dreaded curtain.

Kvadrat has been doing extensive research into the domestic curtain, an area which is often overlooked. Working together with ReD associates, they investigated the solutions currently available on the market and analyzed their function in relation to the actual requirements of the homeowner. Upon conclusion of their research, the Danish textile company approached Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to develop a simple hanging system which would be suitable for all windows.

“The ambition was to create a new system that allows anyone to install a quality curtain in record time.”

We wanted to escape a hi-tech situation, but we didn’t want to make something rustic or heavy either, says Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Drawing inspiration from the method of hanging a poster, the brothers use a hanging cord instead of a traditional curtain pole. The method in which strings are strung to a guitar, allow users to adjust the tightness as well as the drape of the curtain in relation to any window.

Create your own Ready Made Curtain using configurator

Begin by selecting a textile, a hanging mechanism and pegs. There are four different types of textile available, 18 different colors, and four different options of hanging mechanism and pegs to choose from.


The Ready Made Curtain pegs simply clip onto the fabric, holding it securely in place, and hook onto the hanging cord. The pegs are available in four different colors: Red, Black, Grey and White.


The Kvadrat textiles offered with Ready Made Curtain each have distinct qualities: From a warm woolen fabric for a cozy atmosphere to a contemporary unwoven textile for a clean and minimal finish, every kind of interior is achievable. Fabrics are available in standard pre-cut sizes and in customized sizes upon request

Hanging mechanism

The hanging cord is a replacement for the traditional curtain pole. The hanging mechanism to which it is attached can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling and woolen cozy create tension in the cord. The hanging mechanism is available in four different colors. For windows wider than 200 cm you will need a center support.