Roche Serbia

Task: Furnishing project; Project management;
Architects: Studio Autori
Area: 900 sqm
Type: Commercial & Offices
Year: 2018
Location: GTC Green Heart, New Belgrade, Serbia
Brands: GIR custom made furniture, custom wood paneling,
Photography: Relja Ivanić

GIR custom made furniture
Custom wood paneling

Roche Serbia office is located within a 900sqm office space in the GTC Green Heart, a business park in Belgrade. 
The future office is irregular shaped, with large volumes of space with storage, server rooms and toilets placed within the floor plan. This determined the organization of the floor plan to a large extent.
The Client’s decision to move the business from a 2000sqm to a 900sqm office space, with the same number of office users, while considering the existing habits of the users, came as a real challenge. 

This circumstance has set the course of the Design of the future office. Due to the fact that the users are used to a certain level of privacy and individuality in their previous space, the challenge was in replicating those conditions within a more than half smaller space. 
The content of the new space appears as a regular scheme of a contemporary office, but with carefully positioned elements, so that an open office with a higher quality of user privacy and comfort, would be created. Space is divided into smaller clusters of work desks, divided with accompanying content as meeting rooms, video conference booths, hot desks, greenery…
The conceptual idea of the space was an Architectural Archipelago, with the work desk clusters, meeting rooms, greenery, breakout space, being its islands.
By omitting the wall corner element within the space, the rigidity of the floor plan was broken and space is ‘’soften up’’, which aspires circulation through space.

The office communicates a dose of moderation and calmness, reflecting the targeted group of users.
A subtle and refined material palette is carefully selected with the intent to represent the delicateness of the business and values of a leading healthcare company such as ROCHE
Natural wooden wall finish details throughout the interior create a warm and pleasant work environment, while its texture in contact with glass partitions and other architectural materials, creates a subtle play of natural and artificial, light and dark…a play of contrasts.

A pleasant user experience was an imperative of the Design.