Room Editorial: Bathroom

In the past, when it comes to design, Bathroom was often an overlooked room. We’ve talked about bedroom design and the science of sleep, iconic lights, but when it comes to great bathroom design, inspirations are endless. Whether it’s small or big, your bathroom deserves only the best. Read our blog post and inspire yourself to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary from the daily rush and treat yourself to a long bath.

Despite being one of the smaller rooms in your house/apartment, it requires more design power when compared to larger spaces. Paint colors, fittings, lighting and decorative accessories are just some of the factors you need to consider before you can say “bubble bath” 

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite items that will fit perfectly into any bathroom style.

If you have a smaller space, and the concept of a bathtub is open for discussion – we recommend installing a shower because of its practicality. If a tub is a must, then we recommend to go for it and create that serene escape you’ve always dreamed off. 

The Qualitime Ethnicraft collection of bath sinks is made from solid wood structure to the sink. Contrasting materials are placed together to form a cohesive unity. When you open the handleless and soft-closing drawers you also have storage for all the details that you need in your bathroom but want to hide. The Qualitime collection comes with a single or if you are decorating a master bathroom, a double washbasin in different sizes. Even though it’s solid wood every piece has a finish that fulfills the necessary requirements for use within a humid area. 

To create an oasis we recommend to fill your bathroom space with plants that love the humid environment and don’t require much light such as the Sansevieria family of plants (for tips on how to care for your plants read our Plant Guide). Adding a little bit of green will complement the tiles of your bathroom and give it a soft touch.

Even if you are not planning to renovate the whole bathroom, you can refresh it with some carefully curated details that will make your bathroom really stand out. When it comes to accessories for your bathroom, we’ve got you covered.

Menu’s Bath series designed by Norm Architects was created to transform your bathroom into a blissful respite where you can relax and refresh. The collection is defined by soft, functional minimalism. Light, uniform lines and rounded edges will give your bathroom a unified look and also add beautiful focal points to some of our most used spaces. 

Ferm Living’s new collection also pays attention to the bathroom as a room that can be your little sanctuary away from the daily noise. 

With Obu Jewellery Stand Ferm Living added an everyday sculptural item to our collection that beautifully decorates your bathroom. Its base of solid, black marble is carved to keep your favorite earrings and small gems safe, and it’s metal wire branches perfectly hold your favorite necklaces and bracelets.

Dora Clothes Stand forms a minimal storage solution with a hint of Japanese aesthetic. Use it as a stylish drying rack, which can be folded so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space when stored. Or use it as a simple room divider that lets you display your favorite garments while creating a beautiful sense of space.

To shop the look or some of the accessories, visit us at Trešnjinog cveta 5, Belgrade and discover our carefully curated collection of items for your bathroom.