Say Dragička – New toy brend in GIR Store

There are so many reasons to rejoice and be happy, and much more to say Dragička.

Stuffed toys filling your world with warmth and giving the colors to your emotions. They all live close to you and accompany us from the first days of life. Living in a baby cot, they become the first listeners and comforters of the kids. Young ladies of fashion decorate rucksacks with them. They complement the kitchen interior of the adult connoisseurs of beauty, either they are Teddy bears, textile dolls, or the famous Tilda dolls.

Dragička handmade toys are special, each of them is different from the others. They carry something more important than manufactured functionality – they keep their thoughts, they exude emotions and without any exaggeration, they communicate well with the world around them.

Unique, funny and handmade Dragička toys are for every child, either little or big.

Dragička toys are soulful and funny characters with real faces. Being handmade from natural materials they will become true friends to your children and they will add comfort to your home. Our desire is that every child, either little or big, has a really special toy, one of the only ones in the whole world, the one that initiates the story and the image.

We create a lot of surprises. Eyes, ears, finger peaks are our little researchers for which we create new discoveries. Are you ready to see all their pieces?