Spring news from Muuto

Muuto is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship, and an honest expression. For this season, they upgraded some of the old designs and delighted us with some new pieces!

Introducing the Ambit Pendant Lamp in a new size & light blue color

Made of hand-spun aluminum that has been hand-painted, the Ambit Pendant Lamp features clean lines and a white interior that heightens the contrast of its outside shade while enhancing the light emitted in any room. Now, the archetypal design is introduced in a new, grander size of Ø55 cm / Ø21,6″, expanding the possibilities of the design through its larger cupola-like shape that can act as a centerpiece within a space, gather people underneath its enveloping lampshade, and creative direction through its elegant light. Alongside the new size is a Light Blue color that will be available across all sizes of the Ambit Pendant Lamp, bringing a vibrant perspective to its subtle form while allowing for it to complement a multitude of settings.

Soft Side table – A modern perspective on the understated side table

“I wanted to create something that was subtle yet characterful with the Soft Side Table, making a world of softened surfaces and understated functionalities come together into one. Referencing the archetypal center table, the Soft Side Table has a quiet presence that allows for it to complement any atmosphere while echoing a modern elegance through its refined lines and slender form.”

Jens Fager

The Soft Side Table by award-winning designer Jens Fager is defined by its subtle appearance and delicate detailing, making for a unique expression while allowing for it to fit into any setting. Alongside its archetypal shape that lends the table an invitingly friendly sentiment, the Soft Side Table has a subtly integrated handle underneath its tabletop surface, allowing for it to be easily moved around while echoing the ideas of forward-thinking functionalities. Designed from the idea of paring a design down to its essence, the Soft Side Table is offered in a multitude of sizes and colors, ranging from neutral to more vibrant options, that can be combined to suit the aesthetic and functional needs of the given space.

Introducing the Ridge Vase in a new height & beige color

The Ridge Vase by Finnish design duo Studio Kaksikko brings a new perspective on the traditional vase, designed with a sculptural expression that’ll bring a refined touch to any space, even without flowers in it. Now, the design is introduced in a new, lower height, allowing for the design to be used in settings where we are seated at eye level such as at the dining table, in a workplace, or in a restaurant. The new height is a grand match with both short and long-stalked flowers. The new beige tone adds a warmly subtle appearance to the design, available across all three sizes.

Introducing the new material – Smoked Oak

In the other news – Muuto introduced a new color: Smoked Oak. Defined by its subtle grandeur, allowing for the natural grains of the wood to shine through while adding an inherently refined feel to the design, the Smoked Oak tone adds an elegantly refined sentiment.

It is only possible to smoke oak that is solid. When smoking the solid oak, the process can neither be controlled nor adjusted as it is the outcome of the oak’s natural response to the smoking process, making for a surface appearance that is unique to each individual piece.  

This pieces and so much more available soon at GIR Store, Trešnjinog cveta 5.